Thursday, May 5, 2022

Rate-Hike Red

  • Robinhood702, represented by Robert Langford, gets some charges dropped and reduced in Resorts World case. [Nevada Current
  • The Vegas Justice League has donated $5,000 to fund DNA testing of the body in the barrel. [RJ]
  • Attorney April Becker appears to be in the lead to challenge Susie Lee in the general election. [TNI]
  • The DA's office gets a conviction on the case of the father accused of killing his son. [RJ]
  • The most fabulous office manager ever agrees to prison time. [8NewsNow]
  • Nevada's affordable housing shortage is the "most severe" in the country. [Las Vegas Weekly]


  1. Lawyer charged with manslaughter after alleging he was stalked by a guy who said lawyer "ruined his life." I have had opposing parties threaten me. I actually have an attorney here in town who has threatened me and my staff. I have had to call the LVMPD when a (relatively prominent) local attorney decided to get into a physical altercation with a witness in a fee dispute arbitration. Stay safe out there.

  2. Blog is dead.

  3. As a property owner, the Democrat decision to halt payments on rents during COVID has probably been one of the biggest boosts to property values in the Las Vegas valley. I do not vote Democrat, but their actions, have created such chaos in the rental market, that all costs associated with housing now have significantly increased and it is artificial, although it does not appear to have an end in sight. If renting an apartment is expensive, it creates demand for housing and prices just go up. Cause and effect - you cannot have 'free' rental for over a year and expect things to just go back to normal with rent and housing in southern Nevada.

  4. Re: Malgeri - certainly not the sort of person LACSN associates with?