Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween/Nevada Day! Does your office dress up for Halloween? Does your office close early? What is the scariest costume you can think of for a lawyer?

Also, today is the last day of pro bono month? Did you sign up to take on any pro bono cases? Have you donated money instead of your time?

Stay safe out there, kids.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Mischief Night

  • On October 20, a federal jury here in Nevada awarded plaintiff (represented in part by Tick Segerblom) a $1.3 million judgment against Delta (represented by Scott Mahoney) for discrimination. [ETurboNews
  • What to watch for in the Bundy trial as jury selection starts today. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • The Las Vegas Lights released their logo. [RJ]
  • Paul Manafort, President Trump's former campaign chair, has been indicted on federal charges. [KNPR]

Friday, October 27, 2017

Nevada Day Observed 2017

  • Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos has been staying in an MGM hotel, raising questions about MGM's potential influence over him. Article includes comments from his attorney Frank Flansburg III, as well as Will Kemp and Robert Eglet. [RJ]
  • The banning of a school district trustee from district property is raising legal questions for the school district police. [RJ]
  • Not Las Vegas specific, but a reminder to take care no matter what practice area you are in: Kansas City lawyer shot on front porch after walking kids to school. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Happy Nevada Day! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Blowflies Tell No Lies

  • The husband of Susan Winters is now facing murder charges. [News3LV]
  • Two defendants from the first two Bunkerville trials took a plea deal to avoid a third trial. [SLTrib]
  • Greenberg Traurig is going to move to Summerlin. [RJ]
  • The Supreme Court reversed a death row conviction. [RJ]
  • Here's a long read on the latest about Kirstin Lobato. [The Intercept]
  • Most of you saw the video from the deposition of Dr. Enrico Fazzini posted in the comments yesterday. A non-lawyer reader wrote in with two questions about that: why did anyone let the deposition go forward in the first place and is someone going to be in trouble for posting it on Liveleak/Youtube? (It has since been removed from Liveleak). 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


  • Some undocumented immigrants who were at the Route 91 festival are applying for U visas. [RJ]
  • LACSN is helping victims of the October 1 tragedy. [RJ]
  • Continuing this week's theme on privacy, some transparency advocates are concerned about Nevada's partnership with private prison. [TNI]
  • One of the school board trustees has been banned from school district property. [Fox5Vegas]
  • A group of 16 people will decide how to distribute donations for the shooting victims. [RJ]
  • One of our readers sent in the following question about that distribution:  
If there was ~$11.2M donated, and those who lost loved ones are weighted higher than those that were shot, who are weighted higher than those who were not shot but where there – does this money act as a setoff for recovery in a PI case for wrongful death or IIED?  Is it fair that someone is awarded $X for wrongful death, to also receive funds from the victim’s fund as well?  Is it unfair for them not to?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sealing Of Cases

One of the commenters yesterday suggested today's topic:
The whole sealing of cases (in the absence of a pending criminal investigation or national security implications) is a completely different issue and is completely opposite to the concept of an open and transparent government (including the judiciary).
Do you agree? Are too many cases in Nevada sealed or are we one of the more open states? Or is it both?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fly Like An Eagle

  • The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline filed a statement of formal charges against Judge Rena Hughes regarding a hearing that took place in June of last year. We talked about it on the blog in November 2016.  Insert slowly turning wheels of justice joke here. [I-Team LasVegasNow]
  • Former vice cop and his wife deputy DA Liz Mercer appeared in court last week [I-Team LasVegasNow]
  • The names and salaries of a large number of state employees, including 50 in the AG's office, have not been made public. [RJ]
  • Here's a puff piece on @casinonemesis Bob Nersesian.  [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Holding companies are getting creative with their names. [RJ]
  • The story about Judge Susan Johnson and here "joke" about voting for Trump made HuffPo.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Spartan Fist

  • Judge Mark Denton approved a temporary restraining order to prevent MGM from destroying any evidence related to the 1 October shooting. [RJ]
  • Local law enforcement used racketeering laws to take down almost an entire gang at one time. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Anything else going on as we head into the weekend?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Job Tips: How Long Should I Stay?

One of our readers has a question:  How long should I stay at my current job? I know in the past the longer you were at a job the better, but these days I'm not sure. I've been at my current job for 5 1/2 years and have been practicing for 8 years now, but have no book of business. Yet, I have the prospect of partnership. Which is more important--partnership or developing my own book?

Any suggestions or comments?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


As one of our astute readers noted in the comments yesterday, sometime on Monday afternoon the blog reached the 3,000,000 page view mark. Thanks for visiting the site. Keep it up and soon we might be among the 100,000 most popular websites in the U.S.

  • Judge Susan Johnson told some felons that they might have their voting rights restored in time to vote for President Trump in 2020. [TNI]
  • DA Steve Wolfson kicked off his reelection campaign yesterday. [RJ]
  • UNLV's Boyd School of Law saw a big jump in its bar passage rate. [RJ]
  • Judge James Mahan denied a request from pharmaceutical companies trying to block a Nevada law requiring them to detail diabetes drug prices. [RJ]
  • MGM Resorts is the new owner of WNBA Stars and the team will take up residence next season at Mandalay Bay Events Center. [Las Vegas Sun]

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Safety First

  • Judge Linda Marie Bell split her decision on $3 million in gambling debts. [RJ]
  • The US Supreme Court will hear a case on sports betting later this fall. [RJ]
  • Resorts World hired a construction manager and is getting one step closer to being a boon for construction defect and personal injury attorneys. [Fox5Vegas]
  • In the wake of the shootings, how will Las Vegas approach New Year's Eve this year? [LasVegasNow]
  • The County has begun installation of bollards on the Strip. [RJ]
  • A law degree doesn't insulate you from sexual harassment. [Above the Law]

Monday, October 16, 2017

No Chance

  • The Golden Knights still face issues with the trademark for their name. Then to top it off, they introduced a mascot that is not a knight. [RJ]
  • Should the Colorado River have legal personhood? [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Any good gossip from CPK's party?

Friday, October 13, 2017


  • Goodsprings Justice of the Peace Dawn Haviland resigned after being suspended for one year. [RJ]
  • Michael Cristalli talks about who could be liable for the shooting on 1 October. [LasVegasNow]
  • Zappos has offered to cover the funeral costs of all 58 victims. [RJ]
  • The brother of the shooter fired his counsel in the estate case. [RJ]
  • A lawsuit has been filed regarding the mothballed background check law. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • In a story that got buried by news of the shooting, a 28-year old man has offered conflicting stories to police about what happened when he was involved in a hit and run that killed three boys and injured a fourth. Two of the boys killed were brothers and a gofundme has been set up to help the family. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Is Vegas getting a WNBA team too? [Las Vegas Sun
  • Speaking of basketball, come check out the court at CPK's office at his annual party tonight!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pro Bono Month

It's that time of year again where the legal community focuses a little more attention on pro bono work. This year that effort includes addressing what the legal community can do to help victims of the shooting on October 1. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved. Even Laughlin Township Constable Jordan Ross has pledged to serve whatever summons and execute whatever court orders are needed to help the victims of the tragedy.

Here are a few resources for you if you want to get involved with pro bono work:

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Don't Stop Believing

  • The July 2017 bar exam had a 66% passage rate. Those who passed includes some high ranking attorneys at the AG's office. Congrats, everyone! [NVBar]
  • Here's a little more context for Judge William Kephart's public reprimand. [ProPublica]
  • Here's a look at the UNLV mock trial team. [RJ]
  • The comments yesterday has some nice discussion about the lawsuit against SlideFire, the manufacturer of the bump stock used in the shooting. Here are more details. [TNI]
  • A 21-year old college student is the first victim to sue MGM. [KTNV]
  • Attorney Kenneth Feinberg will oversee distribution of the victims' fund. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Zappos and others are still raising funds to help the victims. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • The Golden Knights won their home opener last night after an emotional tribute to the victims. [Las Vegas Sun; News3LV]

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Golden Knights Take The Ice

  • The Vegas Golden Knights have their home opener tonight. Details about where you can watch are here.
  • Details about the timeline for the Route 91 shooting are changing. [LA Times]
  • Anything else going on out there?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Is Here

  • It's a month old, but just came up on our radar: Judge William Kephart signed a stipulation and order of consent to public reprimand for an interview he gave regarding Kirstin Lobato. [Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline]
  • Attorney Richard Patterson is attempting to freeze the assets of Stephen Paddock. [Fox5Vegas]
  • The shooting victims may face an uphill legal battle. [RJ]
  • The Cliven Bundy trial was delayed until the end of the month. [Reuters]
  • RIP Reno Judge Patrick Flanagan. [RGJ]

Friday, October 6, 2017

Invitation To 21st Annual CPK Party

It's almost time for Craig P. Kenny's 21st Annual Party and you're invited:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Some Days Are Diamonds

  • A law student was among those seriously injured in the shooting. [Above the Law]
  • What will happen with the millions of dollars in donations? [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Judge Jennifer Elliot honored for 10 years of service to dependency mothers drug court. [eighthjdcourt blog]
  • The Supreme Court is issuing several opinions today. [nvcourts]

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Runnin' Down A Dream

  • In case you didn't see it yet, there is a long read in the New Yorker about the elderly and guardianship, heavily featuring April Parks and Clark County. [New Yorker]
  • Two new record sealing laws went into effect. [Public News Service]
  • A CBS attorney was fired for her comments following the Las Vegas shooting. [Above the Law]
  • Is the shooting a good reason to delay the Bundy/Bunkerville trial? [RJ]
  • The Supreme Court heard oral argument about weed distribution at UNLV yesterday. [RJ]
  • Here's a look at some of the victims from Sunday's shooting. [Las Vegas Sun]

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

You Don't Know How It Feels

  • The Las Vegas Victims' Fund has raised over $3 million; Zappos is doing matching donations here up to $1 million. We see some local firms and attorneys on the list of donors--thank you for your contribution. If you're aware of other ways that attorneys can be of assistance, please let us know in the comments.
  • Attorneys are no longer allowed to bring cell phones into the CCDC. [RJ]
  • OJ Simpson was released from prison. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • AG Adam Laxalt postponed plans to launch his gubernatorial bid in the wake of the shooting. [KNPR]

Monday, October 2, 2017

Las Vegas

It's our turn. The deadliest mass shooting in history took place in Las Vegas last night. You can get more details at almost any news site. We hope you and your families are all okay.

A Las Vegas Victims' Fund has already been set up if you're inclined to donate. People are lined up to give blood. Let us know if you are aware of any other ways to help today.