Monday, October 17, 2016

You Can't Always Get What You Want

  • A murder charge was thrown out due to a Metro detective's interrogation. [RJ]
  • Governor Sandoval will sign the stadium bill into law today at UNLV. [Fox5VegasRJ]
  • Here's a heads up: there will be lots of road closures and traffic issues on Wednesday due to the debate and the Rolling Stones. [RJ]
  • The battle rages on about developing Badlands golf course into more than 2,500 housing units. [RJ]
  • Meanwhile, if your curious about what has been happening with Silverstone Golf Course, read this legal update via Facebook.
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  1. The murder charge was thrown out for a number of reasons, the RJ just focused on that one. It really was a crap case, they overcharged the shit out of it.

    1. I wondered why she would toss the entire case for a bad interrogation and not just the evidence.