Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Don't Forget To Register To Vote

  • They've heard every excuse for getting out of jury service. [RJ]
  • Dennis Prince is going after a former governor's son who is accused of running a ponzi scheme. [RJ]
  • Caesars has reached a restructuring deal with its major creditors. [RJ]
  • Don't forget to make sure you have registered to vote. [Fox5Vegas]
  • Did you know UNLV Law has a blog?


  1. clearly, the blog is dead.

  2. I graduated from Boyd in 2013 and I enjoy this website/blog.

    1. A single leaf falls and lands on your ascot. The crisp fall air and the yell of enthusiastic young men playing touch football in the quad remind you that all the study and late nights alone, the Friday nights spent poring over calculus texts, the Saturdays spent organizing club treasurer election campaigns, missing the prom to spend time in Ecuador helping the needy, was worth it. You are a Boyd 2013. You are now among the blessed, the elite. You will now enter the stage of intellectuals, the world leaders, and the financial titans. You have arrived. Yet there is one thing creeping into your consciousness. Something you thought you had buried deep in your soul. It has become irrepressible like an endless drumbeat. You like to suck dicks.