Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Job Tips: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Today's topic comes from a reader who wants your input on dealing with judges and social media:  I'm friends on Facebook with a judge and was before the judge became one. I haven't yet appeared in front of this judge, but in the event that I do, do I need to be concerned about commenting on their Facebook posts or liking photos from their summer vacation? Also, on a similar note, I'm at the point in my career where some of my contemporaries/co-workers/opposing counsel are becoming judges and I have a hard time coping with the fact that someone put them on the bench. Having had to appear in front of one of them, I was disappointed to find they didn't magically become more judicial. Any tips on how to deal with appearing in front of someone I believe to be incompetent?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Shh, It's A Secret

  • To protect the integrity of an ongoing investigation, a protective order was granted in the fraud case against a former Water District employee. [RJ]
  • Meanwhile, the RJ is trying to overturn a protective order in the Bundy case. [RJ]
  • Judge Jennifer Dorsey has taken under consideration whether the Green Party candidate Jill Stein will be on Nevada ballots this fall. [news3LV]
  • Closing arguments today in the iPad killing case. [RJ]
  • Three more possible names trademarked for the Las Vegas NHL franchise. [Las Vegas Sun]

Monday, August 29, 2016

A New School Year

  • School is back in session in Clark County today. Please remember to slow down in school zones and watch for kids. Also, they're still looking for teachers if you need a career change. [Fox5Vegas]
  • If you don't enjoy the nonsense at this blog, check out a new blog from "one of the most respected attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada"--Brian Shapiro.
  • Apparently, it's Sheldon Adelson's personal money going into the proposed new publicly-owned stadium and not the money of Las Vegas Sands Corp. [RJ]
  • There's an adult guardianship bench bar meeting today. [eighthjdcourt blog]

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Fourth Estate

Today, we raise a constitutional law issue. Yesterday, we got lots of details about the proposed stadium that would house UNLV's football team, the "Las Vegas Raiders," and possibly an MSL team. Today, Jon Ralston is reporting that RJ staff are being told to ask where elected officials/public office candidates stand on public funding of the stadium, but that they will not be publishing the results of the poll. Naturally, that raises a question about the extent of the influence of Nevada's fourth branch of government when it's major player is owned by the State's wealthiest citizen. Do we have a problem here? Is there anything that can be done to curb it? There seems to be some threat out there that if the Governor, who received contributions from a certain PAC, does not call for a special session, the n the whole stadium proposal will be off the table. Anyone concerned about that? Anyone have an idea as to why Las Vegas Sands doesn't just finance the whole thing like MGM did with the new home of the Desert Knights?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Super Rich

  • The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline takes action with regard to Judge Catherine Ramsey by way of Stipulation and Order for Disciple ( a copy of which is contained in the link). [RJ]
  • Want to listen to Steve Oshins talk about how Nevada is a haven for the super rich? [KNPR]

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mount Rushmore

A reader wants your input on who you think are the best defense bar trial attorneys in Las Vegas. It seems like we hear about Eglet the best plaintiff's bar advocates all the time. There are a million defense attorneys in this town and they can't all be good. The reader would genuinely like to know, from other attorneys in town (on both sides of the bar), who is on your Mount Rushmore (top 4) of defense trial attorneys in Las Vegas? 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Just Keep Billing

  • Someone else finally picked up on the 9th Circuit's ruling on SFR. [RJ]
  • RIP former Carson District Court Judge Michael Griffin. [NV Appeal]
  • Will new overtime rules affect how you do business? [Vegas Inc.]

Friday, August 19, 2016


  • Sometime last night we hit 2,000,000 total page views! Thanks for reading!
  • Some defense attorneys are not interested in being part of the second season of Las Vegas Law. [RJ]
  • The Federal Justice Tower had its official ribbon-cutting yesterday. [Las Vegas SunRJ]

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Make Your Move

  • The DOJ will be phasing out its use of private prisons. []
  • With school about to start again, UNLV Boyd School is sharing an introspective look at itself by the numbers. []
  • A woman is suing the Clark County Detention Center medical providers for negligence. [RJ]
  • The Nevada Green Party is going to court to try and get Jill Stein on the ballot. [RJ]
  • AG Adam Laxalt opposes the background check ballot initiative. [RJ]
  • Meanwhile, Jon Ralston takes a look what Laxalt has done as AG and where he might be headed. [RGJ]
  • Want more gossip on the blog or have a question? Send us your tips or post in the comments.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Making Waves

  • RIP Mark Torvinen, Elko's District Attorney. [Elko Daily]
  • Lame-duck Judge Conrad Hafen is making waves by ejecting victims from the courtroom and threatening to have an RJ reporter arrested. [RJ]
  • Speaking of rules regarding recording in the courtroom, do any of you use your smart phones to make recordings of hearings?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For The 1000th Time: Blog Is Dead

Dearly beloved:

We gather here today to confirm what you already suspected--the blog is dead.  Or is it? Let's look at the facts in this, the 1000th post since its creation.

Monday, August 15, 2016

100 Meter Dash

  • Meet Alexander LaVeque, the youngest partner at Solomon, Dwiggins, and Freer. [Vegas Inc.]
  • The issue of rooftop solar rates looks to be headed back to the legislature. [Las Vegas Sun; RJ]
  • From playing poker to practicing law and providing scholarships for future Boyd students, meet Perry Friedman. []
  • For those who didn't see it in the comments the other day, here is the 9th Circuit opinion regarding NRS 116.3116, et seq.. 

Friday, August 12, 2016


  • The DEA keeps marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug--meaning it has no medical application. [RJ]
  • Governor Sandoval does not support Ballot Question 1 proposing more background checks on guns. [RJ]
  • Our Nevada appellate courts have several opinions coming out today. []
  • Here are three potential names for the new Las Vegas NHL team. [RJ]

Thursday, August 11, 2016


  • Judge Jennifer Dorsey is expected to issue a verdict in the Clark County school district police excessive force case tomorrow. [RJ]
  • Judge Kerry Earley hands down a sentence of 5-years probation for involuntary manslaughter. [RJ]
  • Former AG/current Senatorial candidate Catherine Cortez Masto opposes Nevada's Educational Savings Accounts program. [KNPR]

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

No More Honeys In The Courtroom

There was an article in the New York Times yesterday about the ABA adopting a model rule of professional conduct that "forbids comments or actions that single out someone on the basis of race, religion, sex, disability and other factors." You can read more about ABA Resolution 109 from the ABA and can view the language that was adopted here. Apparently, some states have already adopted similar language. Should Nevada adopt this version of the rule? Is this a problem in Nevada? Is it more of a generational problem? Will defining discrimination and harassment as "professional misconduct" change anything?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Individual Medley

  • An inmate walked out of court at the RJC yesterday. [RJ]
  • Attorney Steven Oshins is featured in this article on trusts. [NY Times]
  • Trial begins for School District officer charged with excessive force. [RJ]
  • The Nevada Supreme Court opted not to intervene in the case of the defendant who needed makeup to cover his face tattoos. [RJ]
  • Recognition for the District Court's guide and file website. [eighthjdcourt blog]
  • There is a civil bench bar meeting today at noon. [eighthjdcourt blog]
  • If you're interested in serving as a Justice Court Pro Tem Justice of the Peace, Small Claims Referee, or Traffic Referee for the next two years, your last day to get an application in is Monday. 
  • Not exactly law related, but one man decided to leave a dog poop surprise for package thieves. [Fox5Vegas]

Monday, August 8, 2016

Uneven Bars

  • Former bookkeeper facing 49 charges of theft and forgery for transferring money from one client's account to a second client's account.  The second client?  The wife of Chief Justice Ron Parraguirre. [RJ]
  • Justice Nancy Saitta's retirement from the Supreme Court is effective today. Any speculation on her replacement? []
  • Anyone watching the Olympics?

Friday, August 5, 2016

Free For All

  • The Nevada Supreme Court ruled against a referendum to restore net metering rates for rooftop solar customers. [RJ]
  • The DA's office is offering free child support case help tomorrow. [RJ]
  • UNLV's Boyd School of Law will be hosting a free event on August 27 to help people seal their records. [RJ]
  • Here are two questions prompted by something overheard at the RJC: Is it a violation of the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct for an attorney to use medical marijuana? Do you have an obligation to report an attorney that you know is using medical marijuana?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mud Puddles

  • Trial suspended for the defendant wearing concealer for his tattoos. [RJ]
  • Want to hear what DA Steve Wolfson has to say about a third grand jury? [LasVegasNow]
  • From last weekend:  the Nevada AG's office says a note from a California doctor for medical marijuana is not valid at Nevada dispensaries. What do you think? [Las Vegas Sun]

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hot Dogs

  • Judge Gloria Sturman throws out contempt charges against Zohra Bakhtary. [RJ]
  • After a dog dies from being left in a truck for 17 hours, Henderson Animal Control institutes a policy of checking the truck at the end of the shift. [Fox5Vegas; RJ]
  • Former Nevada prisoner files suit for being shot with birdshot. [RJ]
  • Meanwhile, the attorney for a guard trainee involved in the shotgun killing of an inmate is in talks with the AG's office. [RJ]

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Job Tips: Executive Backpacks And Such

Inspired by the recent post mentioning Dennis Prince's backpack, one of our readers writes in with the following question:  What recommendations do blog readers have for a briefcase or other solution for a female attorney? Are there different briefcases for men and women? Should she just stick with a purse? Does a briefcase replace the purse in court? Should she have different briefcases/bags for different shoes? Would you recommend the executive backpack or some other solution?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome August

  • What happens when the entire Nevada Supreme Court has to recuse themselves? [RJ]
  • Sandra Douglass Morgan is stepping down as North Las Vegas City Attorney effective August 18. [RJ]
  • Have you heard about UNLV's Thomas and Mack legal clinic? [RJ]