Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Things Are Happening

  • RIP Justice Cliff Young. [nvcourts; Fox5Vegas]
  • Judge Jennifer Dorsey ruled that feds will be able to take some of former Judge Steven Jones PERS retirement monies. [RJ]
  • Citizens For An Ethical Judiciary released its list of endorsements for the upcoming primary election. 
  • If you were watching the Supreme Court's oral arguments yesterday online and noticed problems, it turns out that The Nevada Judiciary was notified the internet services it uses for providing the Appellate Court webcasts encountered a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. This resulted in very slow access to the Nevada Appellate Courts website.
  • The Court heard a defamation case involving Sheldon Adelson. [RJ]
  • And it also heard cases concerning minimum-wage earners. [RJ]


  1. Um, and the big news was the Wildcats blowing a 10-point lead, surviving a soul-crushing 3 pointer by UNC and then sinking their own 3 with no time left. And UConn women likely make history tonight.

  2. Justice Young served with true distinction and intelligence on the Nevada Supreme Court. As a law blog we should honor his contribution to Nevada law and I am glad his passing was acknowledged here. He was funny, literate, unsentimental and a great writer. Great guy, great judge.