Monday, February 22, 2016

Not Ready For Their Closeup

  • Surprise! Some defense lawyers are not totally happy with the filming of "Las Vegas D.A." [RJ]
  • Want to be a family division pro tem hearing master? It's the position that has launched many a candidate into the judicial elections... [eighthjdcourt blog]
  • How to be a better boss. [Vegas Inc.]
  • With Bush having dropped out of the race, some of his backers have moved to Rubio bolstering  LG Mark Hutchison's position in the "proxy war" between he and AG Adam Laxalt who is backing Cruz. [Fox5Vegas]


  1. Mark and Adam need to don the knee pads. Der Trump is coming to town.

  2. We need a "none of the above" option with this cast of clowns (and, in this instance, that term is used to describe the Republican and Democrat candidates alike).

  3. Wolfson thinks the TV show could help solve who killed 2Pac? Not seeing how it is going to help with that. Besides, doesn't he know 2Pac is still alive drinking Hennessy in some exotic tropical location?

    1. Truth. Exhibit A, Tupac comes out with a new album every few years.

  4. Wolfson is a hack.