Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Second Time Around

  • The Supreme Court of Nevada will hear oral argument in the Las Vegas Sands v. Suen case today--the second time this matter has been in front of them. [RJ; NVCourts]
  • President Obama is moving to ban solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level federal offenders. [RJ]
  • What else is going on out there?


  1. Here's a little article for the BYU grads. http://www.sltrib.com/home/3459506-155/national-bar-group-looking-into-discrimination

    1. I'm not a BYU grad. Even though I am LDS, I never considered attending BYU and I will strongly encourage my children not to (including withholding money in their 529's if they were to go anyway).

      That said, BYU is a private institution and should be allowed to have the latitude to set the policies it wishes, no matter how ridiculous they may seem to outsiders. If you want to attend a college or law school with full First Amendment and pluralism protections, there are hundreds and hundreds of reputable state schools to attend. While I personally don't value what BYU offers, I get kind of bothered when I see self-righteous liberals insisting that BYU conform to their sensibilities.

    2. Doesn't that first amendment choice impact a person's ability to practice law, which is regulated by the state. The problem is not that you can choose other schools but it is that you can be kicked out of BYU for exercising your own first amendment rights. I wonder how that impacts student loans (federally subsidized) as well. It seems that the legal issue isn't that BYU can exercise its pro-LDS beliefs, it is that doing so impacts state functions.

  2. Thanks 1:28 and 2:11, ex-Mo here now with "The Spirit of God" stuck in my head. I do miss hymns just a little. And the potlucks.

  3. All the hymns are available on the LDS music app