Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Old Ways

  • Disbarred attorney Barry Levinson has been hospitalized with life-threatening health problems according to his lawyer. Article also includes a list of everyone connected to the HOA scandal who has died. [RJ]
  • The water is back on at Silverstone Golf Course and the new owner is suggesting giving some of the golf course land to the adjoining property owners. [RJ]
  • Good deal? Man convicted of first-degree murder gets a life sentence in exchange for no appeals. [RJ]
  • Did you know Nevada is one of only three states with an opt-in policy for sex education? [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Looking to bolster your reputation? Try getting involved in the Truancy Diversion Program. [eighthjdcourt blog]


  1. The death penalty is a phenomenal waste of money. I think seeking it in more than a couple of the absolute worst cases shows poor judgment on behalf of prosecutors. Nevada is currently without means to execute the sentence anyway.

    Welcome to Nevada, the State that Utah's religious extremists want to turn into Mississippi. If you're so passionate about your child not receiving sex ed in school, opt them out. By insisting on opt in for everyone, many children who would benefit from the education will not receive it because their parents don't know any better.

    1. Religious extremist? Do liberals ever get tired of finger pointing? If you are not lockstep with their agenda you MUST be an extremist, stupid, or a toothless hillbilly.

      Get out of the ivory tower. People have valid differences of opinion and they can undoubtedly support their position as well as you can support your own. Conservatives have a genuine concern about their child’s welfare, and that public education is using certain subjects as a trojan horse to advance their social justice agenda.

      A quick google search reveals tales of school districts trying to teach sex ed to second graders or introducing the concept of two gay penguins to first graders. I am not against sex ed, and certainly not homophobic (of course I would say that). However, I believe that introduction of these concepts should be an appropriate time in the child life, and amazingly enough, the parent is in the best position to judge that. I do not want the nanny state raising my child, and the more opportunities they have to put "opt-out" programs in place, the better their chances of slipping something by me.

      Also, I love the quote, "Please don't lead by polling. Lead by doing what is right" of the opt-out advocate. Have you noticed that what liberals want is always the "right" thing to do, even when the people don't want it? We the people just don't realize how smart they are, and if we would just give them a little more power, they can guide us to the promised land.

      P.S. I’m not Mormon nor do I attend a church.

    2. What I love about conservatives is that they are always high and mighty about sex and that's always the type of scandal they get caught up in. See the Duggars, Newt Gingrich, O'Reilly, etc. Y'all are some horny repressed fuckers, let your kids get educated so they don't commit the sins of their fathers.

    3. Sex ed is not education. It is heavy handed propaganda and brain washing.

    4. Just say "NO" to the soul snatchers in modern education.

    5. To 11:56. Exactly! A few select examples can be used to apply a broad brush to millions of conservatives out there. Wait, isn't that the same logical fallacy that bigots and racists use to reinforce their position?

      Nevermind, onward to the liberal promise land, first stop Detroit!

    6. They want to teach first graders about anal sex!?! Come on. Let them have their innocence. No 7-year-old should have to face the imagery of santorum.

      I'm glad there are ONLY 47 states run by indecent-exposure perverts.

    7. Oh, oh. Patrice Tew is on the blog.

    8. @12:37 - You said "SNACH" when you posted about sex ed. Nice.

    9. 1:02 you seemingly miss that the point is the hypocrisy of people trying to push their sex-relared beliefs on others while engaging in sex-related misbehavior on a grand scale. Yeah, Clinton did have sex with that woman, but then at least he wasn't heading up the Family Values Council (or whatever that organization is called) or making recordings for anti-LGBT robocalls or something like that.

  2. If I participated in the Truancy Diversion Program, my advice to the kids would be to run far away from the Clark County School District. Far, far away. Get a GED and get away, asap!

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