Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Long May You Run

  • State Senator Aaron Ford announced the Democratic caucus is supporting the state senate candidacy of Boyd grad and Deputy District Attorney Nicole Cannizzaro. [LasVegasNow]
  • Opening arguments were held for the trial of the last HOA scandal defendant. [RJ]
  • Which is more likely to happen first? A high-speed train to California or an NHL team in Vegas?
  • A man was arrested in Vegas on Friday for involvement in sex trafficking. [Las Vegas Sun]


  1. Hockey, really? Everyone is excited like the school nerd getting a pity hug from the head cheerleader. "I'll finally be popular! Major leagues here I come."

    I really don't see Vegas supporting a hockey team over the long run. Th Phoenix Coyotes are running into trouble in a much larger city.

    On a related note, it's time to legalize prostitution in Clark County. Prosecution after prosecution after prosecution hasn't and won't work. Some people want to pay for sex. Other people want money. Supply and demand. The penalties don't matter because the reward increases as the penalties do.

    1. Disagree with you on hockey; agree on legalizing prostitution. Phoenix has multiple pro sports teams that compete for eyeballs and dollars. It isn't all that shocking that the hockey team isn't doing particularly well in such an environment. If Las Vegas gets an NHL team, it will be the only major league team in a town with approximately 2 million people. Single-team cities that are much smaller than Las Vegas support their franchises quite well. Look at Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and Green Bay, all cities that support their one franchise well without a tremendous population. Vegas can be like them. Further, the Vegas arena will be walking distance from 10,000's of hotel rooms. That's a combination that has a chance at success.

      As for prostitution. Legalize it, regulate it, get violent pimps out of the industry, and tax it. It makes it safer for those involved in the industry and makes it another source of revenue for those who are not. Win Win.

    2. @2:55: Brother, I like where your head is at.

  2. 1. Any news on the Lionel Sawyer & Collins bankruptcy?

    2. Any news on the Gordon Silver creditor issues, including the lawsuit against them brought by the landlord re: the lease?