Monday, September 28, 2015

Harvest Moon

  • The new owner of Silverstone Golf Course has until Wednesday to turn the water back or disclose his finances to show why he can't. [RJ]
  • The CSI effect in the courtroom. [RJ]
  • There have been a flood of applications for medical marijuana licenses. [Las Vegas Sun]


  1. The blog is deader than dead.

  2. Wonder what will happen to the attorney storing Clinton's emails.

    1. I suppose the attorney will meet the same fate former Clinton confidantes did: "suicide" by, for example, shotgun blast to the back of the head, or .38 through the temple, etc. The Clintons do know how to sweep away debris. I shudder to think of the awesome things a Mrs. President Clinton could do with the NSA and CIA. Her stunning successes in Syria, Egypt and Libya will pale by comparison.

    2. When did the RJ wingnuts follow us over to here?

    3. ^^^ You should look into a vist to Monta Vista hospital. Crazy.