Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Happy Birthday To You!

  • Now the City of Las Vegas is getting involved in the Silverstone Golf Course matter through code enforcement. [RJ; News3LV]
  • A man who was behind bars for 6 years without a conviction will stay a little longer due to an outstanding traffic warrant. [RJ]
  • A judge ruled that "Happy Birthday" is in the public domain. [LA Times]
  • RIP Jim Santini. [RJ]


  1. No report on Jim Santini's passing?

  2. He who shall not be named is throwing Judge Marquis a protest out at Family Court

    1. Judge Marquis sucks. She only won, because she was up against Scalia.

    2. Agreed. Marquis is just awful. Scalia is insane, but he would have been a way better judge.

  3. Marquis won because the female Family Court candidates beat all the male candidates including the incumbents. Judge Marquis used Dave Thomas, spent a lot of money, and ran commercials. She was also first on the ballot with a very long ballot. Female voters vote overwhelmingly for female candidates especially family court judges. There was no way Scalia could win that race even if he had no baggage and ran a half way decent campaign. The female edge is only against male candidates and does not apply to two females running against each other.