Monday, July 6, 2015

The Property Man

  • Fox News is launching a new weekend show starring Las Vegas attorney Bob Massi called "Bob Massi is the Property Man" It debuts this Saturday. [Variety]
  • Ever thought about being a volunteer judge in the Truancy Diversion Program? [eigthjdcourt blog]
  • The Family Court bench recently issued a resolution on rules of professional cooperation. [eighthjdcourt blog]


  1. The Truancy Diversion Program is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to help kids stay in school and on the correct path in life. I have volunteered in the past and worked at 3 different schools. Listening to these kids and their issues/struggles with getting to class can be a real eye-opener. The time investment is not all that much and the program deserves support. If a full time commitment is too much for your schedule talk to a friend and see if you can share a school. I know that has been done in the past with great success.

  2. I though Bob Massi was the Sun Tan Man.

    1. Watch it, kiddo, Bob Massi can cut through a hot knife with butter.