Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Direct Say In Their Judges

  • Judge Eric Johnson ruled against North Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge Catherine Ramsey holding that the voters can recall a judge noting that Nevadans like having a direct say in their judges. [RJ]
  • Nevada joined a lawsuit challenging federal authority over water. [RJ]
  • What is in the sealed HOA scandal records that the feds really don't want released? [RJ]
  • The US Supreme Court will not be hearing the Nevada patient dumping case. [Fox5Vegas; LasVegasNow]


  1. Don't like the idea of judges being recalled. Unpopular decision and they have to worry about a recall election? The remedy is to give judicial misconduct to the Judicial Discipline. This is the remedy or remove the judge at the next election. This ruling is crazy. Unless I am wrong can't think of one judge that was ever recalled in Nevada. I am long time Nevadan and no I am not Judge Ramsey or her attorneys. Any other judge would have decided in her favor.

    1. I think the argument of an unpopular ruling galvanizing people to recall a judge is a stretch as Judge Johnson indicated, since it has only been attempted once before and it failed.

    2. Judges should always be looking over their shoulders. All men who grasp the reins of power over their fellow men should cower in fear. If you don't want a Republic, then you will get a Tyranny of Scumbags.

    3. One of the pitfalls of electing judges is that ANYONE with a bar number can be elected... even someone with NO courtroom experience. I think Judge Johnson made a good decision with fair reasoning.

      Elizabeth Halverson: RIP

    4. If you want a bad system, then elect your judges where influence and juice are hidden and you can't do a thing about it. My understanding is that Catherine Ramsey stood up to the powers that be. Municipal Courts should not be known as "Police Courts". And guess who is trying to remove her--the police and their union. Judges should not be recalled. The process is to have them removed by the Judicial Discipline Commission or at the next election. Imagine if some casino mogul could recall any judge who rules against them. Judges will be afraid to make those hard decisions. It is bad enough now.

    5. Whether or not judges SHOULD be recalled is one debate, but whether they CAN be recalled under Nevada is another. The Nevada Constitution pretty clearly allows any public officer to be recalled. If we don't want judges to be recalled, we'll need a constitutional amendment to make it happen.

    6. Not clear that it is in constitution, i.e., constitution says public officials I believe. It is a question of first impression.

    7. Its public officers. Art. 2, Sec. 9

      "Every public officer in the State of Nevada is subject, as herein provided, to recall from office by the registered voters of the state, or of the county, district, or municipality which he represents."

      I agree that this issue has not been presented to the Nevada Supreme Court before, but it has been heard in surrounding jurisdictions that adopted the same recall provisions as Nevada and judges have been found to be public officers every time.

    8. Yes I remember when California Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird was the target of recall efforts. Instead, I think she was eventually voted out of office. At least Northtown Catherine Ramsey is fighting back. The whole thing smells.