Friday, May 8, 2015

Rock In Rio USA

  • Guardianship in Clark County is getting even more scrutiny after Family Court Guardianship Commissioner Jon Norheim ruled against the children of ailing musician B.B. King. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • SB 401 would crack down further on notarial fraud. [8NewsNow]
  • More tales about the Mayor's office from our crazy municipality to the North. [RJ]
  • The Legislature is taking another crack at "legalizing" Uber in Nevada. [RJ]
  • Rock in Rio USA debuts today and traffic will be impacted as a result. [Fox5Vegas]
Are you going to Rock in Rio? Do you have other big plans this weekend? Does anyone have any substantive rumors about imploding law firms? Are you already annoyed by emails from those campaigning for the Board of Governors?


  1. The State Bar BOG elections are at the same time as the AILA ones so annoying emails and letters now. Lawyers don't understand campaigning or marketing at all.

  2. My office has reported several unlicensed document preparers to the state (with supporting documentation)....and the state's done nothing about any of them. It's very frustrating because those guys can do a lot of harm.

    1. An anonymous commenter posted: "Hello. I work for the division that regulates the Document Preparation Services, and I do not believe this complaint is getting to the right place. Please contact our office (and then it had a phone number)."

      The number was for a lawyer listed on the state bar website and so it is being removed since it did not appear to be the number for a state agency. If someone from that division wants to confirm with an email to me, they can repost the number.

  3. I heard GS to close on May 31.

    1. Really? Care to give more details?

    2. ...or voyeurism and Schadenfreude.

    3. I'm going to say what everyone is thinking...

      Most of us only check this blog to read gossip about imploding firms. So if everyone could please stop posting about anything else, that would be great.

      So is there really something going on at GS? If not, then whoever is posting that should shut up. But if there is, then somebody needs to spill the beans. There must be someone who knows something and has nothing to lose by posting some juicy info. Come on, people. Wussup?

    4. G&S is not closing. They just opened a new office in LA.

    5. I don't read the blog for gossip about imploding firms. I enjoy the criticism of successful lawyers and judges by anonymous lawyers who will never be successful.

    6. I think GS just closed the LA office

    7. Per a press release, I see that they opened an LA office in 2014. I also see that when you do a search on their website for attorneys, there is no LA office.

      Therefore, this comment: "G&S is not closing. They just opened a new office in LA." is wrong, and this comment: "I think GS just closed the LA office" is correct.

      Anyone else?

    8. I love it when people try to control the behavior of others. Are you male? Are you an attorney? Are you under 5'8"? Are you "dating" your legal secretary?

  4. You think the blog is dead? You should check out Uber.

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