Friday, August 23, 2013

See 50 Cent

  • Attorney Paul Wommer, convicted earlier this year for unlawfully structured financial transactions, tax evasion, and filing a false tax return, was sentenced yesterday to 41 months in prison, fined $7,500, and ordered to forfeit $76,000. Next up, potentially losing Nevada bar number #15. [RJ]
  • The Nevada Supreme Court issued a decision about the admissibility of "gangsta rap" lyrics in Homes v. State (spoiler alert: they are). The opinion was authored by Justice Kris Pickering and a dissent was authored by Justice Nancy Saitta--both of which are worth reading for this in depth look at gangsta rap and Justice Saitta's citation to 50 Cent. [129 Nev. Adv. Op. 59]
  • Clark County is hoping to sell the old courthouse for at least $10 million in October. Who wants to speculate on who/what is going to end up at that location? [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Any chances that it will be a law firm name in front of the new High Roller observation wheel? [RJ]


  1. The money line in the opinion: "Frustrated, Nelson's assailant removed his ski mask and said, "I'm going to shoot this f@#$ing guy,"
    which he did."

  2. anyone know how involved Pickering and Saitta were in writing the opinions? Was it really just there clerks having some fun? I have a hard time imagining two white women sitting around discussing gangsta rap.

  3. Well, they were undoubtedly sitting "there" with "their" clerks, at a minimum.

    And no, I am not a grammar Nazi, just feeling a flight of whimsy today.

  4. More likely the references to Gangsta Rap and citations to law review articles were drawn from the briefs

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  6. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion, Elizabeth.

  7. August 24, 2013 at 7:29 PM Well said, but I also would have mentioned how groovy it was that she has Google Plus, yet another pissant social media assault on American productivity.

    People actually wonder why I don't do Facebook.

    I liked the anonymous comment of one internet pundit who wondered was it just him, or are 80% of the people you may know that appear on one stupid social media platform or another are people that you actually do know, but deliberately choose not to be friends with?

    Some people think the Shark Pimp is a greedy, heartless, soulless, reactionary, curmudgeon. If I wasted 14 hours a day recording on social media what REALLY goes through my mind, it wouldn't be just some. Some thoughts are best kept to yourself.

    Wait, I have more. And before any IP practitioners have an embolism, yes, I stole them all. Modified for Ms. Neal.

    Hey Elizabeth, why don't you try a new social networking tool?
    It's called, "outside".

    Hey Elizabeth, if you haven't got anything interesting to say... join Facebook and tell everyone on there.

    Elizabeth Neal was wondering what that strange thing in the air was today, that blew her coffee over and made her lose her cigarette on her break at work. But thanks to her friends on Facebook with status updates, she has now found out it is windy outside.

    When Elizabeth Neal was young she used to have an imaginary friend, now she's on Goggle Plus and she has 319.

    And with that I think it's time we all put our collective foot down when it comes to dorks who post completely off topic comments on this blog.

    Nuff said.

  8. What did I miss? Who the F is Claire?

  9. Claire is the Seattle lawyer who was stupid enough to hire a scammer posing as an SEO guru. She gives them money, and in return, they make sure she's number one on the google results of "dumb seattle lawyers."