Monday, April 22, 2013

Las Vegas Lawyers In The News

Several of you have been making the news lately. After the jump, we have a list of links to some of your mentions (including video of the Judge Smith "Thank You" incident we covered here).

  • The RJ obtained video of the incident where Judge Smith remanded a defendant into custody for saying "thank you." We couldn't hear the defendant say thank you, but it is still pretty compelling evidence of the abuse of discretion. The relevant part starts at about the :33 second mark. [video obtained by the RJ]
  • Although we missed this one earlier in the month, one local attorney was making national headlines through her service as an Assemblywoman in the Nevada Legislature. Lucy Flores, an associate at Maddox, Isaacson, and Cisneros LLP, stirred up some controversy during a hearing regarding Nevada's abstinence only sex education when she offered testimony that she had an abortion as a teenager because she was uneducated about birth control and all six of her sisters had gotten pregnant as teens. After her testimony, she had to cancel a television appearance because of threatening messages she received. [Huffington Post]
  • Paul Wommer faces up to 38 years in prison after being found guilty of tax evasion and money structuring charges. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Former Clark County District Attorney Ted Marshall died on April 13, 2013. Here's a nice profile on his career. [RJ]
  • This morning, the RJ has a fluff piece called "Attorneys on the Homefront: Housing Collapse Created New Kinds of Cases." The byline is attributed to "Las Vegas Business Press" and includes profiles of "10 prominent real estate attorneys dealing in a variety of specialities from short sales to eminent domain." The 10 attorneys profiled are: Randall Jones; Gary Schnitzer; Jamie Cogburn; Kermitt Waters; Marti Ashcraft; Tisha Black; Joe Kozlowski; Phillip Aurbach; Jacqueline Ackerman; and Robert Kolesar. As we said above, it's a fluff piece, but does contain one true gem--Tisha Black-Chernine of Black & Lobello stated that with regard to alternative pay structures, "Literally, I've accepted livestock." (Quick, someone dust off the Sharron Angle jokes.) [RJ


  1. Not to put on a tinfoil hat or anything, but there some odd things about the Perez / Judge Smith video. Before Judge Smith remanded him, the stocky white marshall started moving toward him, and the black marshall in the back stood up. Now, I don't practice criminal, but it seemed strange to me that LEO would know beforehand that a defendant that was out on bail was going to be remanded.

  2. @10:00: Funny. I guess, I too will wear an tin toque. What's up with Rusty walking over to the the Defendant after remanded but before contempt?

  3. Trust me. The Marshals that have been with their judges for a long time know VERY well when someone is getting clipped up.

    BTW, remanded because of of his clear failure to keep in touch with his attorneys.

  4. Tony Liker on his best behavior.

  5. Wolfson's pathetic 1st grade legal analysis of the Boulder City/Mongols/Finn destruction of evidence situation will hopefully be corrected by the U.S. Attorney's Office and the F.B.I. His analysis sounds like "the bank robber gave the money back later so no crime was committed." Time to step up. You have some excellent legal minds over there Steve. Use them and be less of a politician sometimes. Just once please charge someone in law enforcement for a crime someday.