Monday, February 4, 2013

The Legislature Is Back! #NVLeg

For 60 120 days every two years, a group of Las Vegans boards a Southwest flight to Reno (with one checked bag and one ski bag) and then make the arduous 30 minute trip over Nevada's own bridge-to-nowhere to meet up with the best and brightest elected representatives the rest of Nevada has to offer. Yes, we're talking about the return of Nevada's crown jewel--the Nevada state legislature. At no other time of the year does such a small group of people have such an opportunity to impose on the lives of Nevadans everywhere. Although there are lots of rumors about what laws will be considered this session, there is no way of knowing which lobbyists have the deepest wallet this time that will directly affect you in your practice of law. Will it be more tort reform? Will it be a revision of Chapter 40? Will it be new taxes?

We know there are more than a few lawyers among the ranks of the legislature. We hope you'll keep tabs on them and encourage them to make wise decisions. For those of you without the personal connections, the Las Vegas Sun did an article on how to keep abreast of the action using Twitter--also a good way to quickly comment to your elected representatives.

So, any laws you are expecting to be passed this session? Anything you would like to see, or absolutely dread seeing, become the law of the land?


  1. Session is 120 days.

  2. Glad to see they have their priorities straight.