Thursday, January 10, 2013

The State of the Market

While we would still appreciate more comments on where to find jobs, let's shift topics slightly to what kind of jobs are out there. BCG Attorney Search recently posted its "Winter State of the Market" report (scroll down a little on that link to get to Las Vegas). In short, their assessment was that they had expected the Las Vegas legal market to bounce back by now, but it has not yet--give it another year. Also, they identify litigation at the sole hot practice area, with labor/employment and patent prosecution as practice areas that are growing/steady. As for dead practice areas, they single out bankruptcy, but then include a laundry list of other civil practice areas that have little activity, including trust and estates and construction. The report makes no mention of criminal law.

So, what are your thoughts on the state of the market. Please fill us in on your practice area. Is bankruptcy really dead? Is criminal law holding steady? What are your thoughts on changing practice areas--is it possible/reasonable to go from civil law to criminal law or vice-versa? Or, is it true that whatever practice area you end up in fresh out of law school is where you are doomed to spend your legal existence?


  1. (un)fortunately, I have been doing construction defects since I started many years ago. I tried to branch out and had interviews in other areas (i.e. criminal, med mal), but no takers.

    Judging by the case load at sweeps, construction defects is not dying any time soon despite the lack of new construction.

  2. Construction Defect is metamorphosing and is dying as the easy money that was. The savvy CD attorneys are no longer "CD attorneys" and have diversified their practices.

  3. Talk about no replies to this topic. I know this blog cannot be this dead. We all need something to take us away from ringing phones and discovery responses.

    Saw that Scott Lowery Law Office posted a Vegas job on the state bar's website. One quick google search showed some controversial results. Anyone know about this company?

    Anyone know the deal with LSC? Seems like they have been re-posting a Reno associate position every month or so.

    Any thoughts on Miller's voter verification system?

  4. @10:21 - Not sure what's going on with LSC. I know of several people that have applied for that position and they have yet to hear anything. Maybe they're just collecting resumes.

  5. There's no such thing as an employer 'just collecting resumes.' If someone sent a resume, didn't get a call, and the employer continued advertising for the position, that means the person was rejected.