Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now There's An App For That!

As much as we love to complain about the RJC, it's just as much fun to laud it when it gets something right and, so far, 2013 is looking like a banner year. Hot on the heels of the opening of eight additional courtrooms to end the problematic courtroom sharing, the RJC has pulled a rabbit out of its hat--an app called CourtFinder.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, the new app was the brainchild of Judge David Barker. Available for both Android and Apple's iOS (click-through to download, sorry--no luck for those of you still holding on to your crackberry or on the cutting edge with your Windows Phone), the app is described as follows:

CourtFinder is an app that allows you to download and read the current day docket for courtroom matters being heard throughout the Regional Justice Center & Family Court Buildings in Las Vegas, Nevada. CourtFinder features an interactive display that is user friendly. Browse through the RJC & Family Court dockets and tap a matter to display the corresponding description. Or, use the intuitive Search feature on the home page! Don’t forget to stop by the CourtFinder FAQ section for beneficial news and tips.
As you will have noted, the app does not include security line wait times.

Will this app change the world? Probably not. Will this app be useful and make you more productive? That's a solid maybe. Is it a good idea? Straight up! The bottom line is the RJC is making an effort to make things run smoother. We applaud their efforts and salute Judge Barker for putting the idea out there.

So, do any of you geniuses have any bright ideas for apps or additions to the CourtFinder app that would make it better?


  1. A search function that allows you to pull up the case history, or the calendar for a diferent day. It's good for checking when you arrive, but not so good for confirming the hearing is still on. It's a good app, but it could be much verter with a couple of additional features.

  2. It doesn't have to be an app necessarily, but I heard once that they were planning a web site with each department's preferences for OSTs, injunctions, default judgments, etc. That would be handy.

  3. or just a freakin' standard form for minors' compromises ... i spend more time spinning my pro-bono gears trying to get those things wrapped up.

  4. If you think this could not happen here, you are sadly mistaken. We are in a profession that has a great deal of emotion (and emotionally unstable)

  5. Does anyone know how much Wilson Elser pays associates?