Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The blog is dead. Long live the blog.

As Mark Twain might have said, the reports of the blog's death are greatly exaggerated.

So, the election is over and all of us can get back to normal, at least as normal as we can get around these parts. The four most recently appointed district court judges are all finally "legitimate." Judge Tao narrowly squeaked by Chris Rasmussen. Judge Escobar defeated perennial judicial candidate Michael Davidson by a similar margin. Judge Earley emerged victorious over eight challengers, with Chris Lee coming in a relatively close second. And finally, Judge Ellsworth defeated Phung Jefferson with roughly the same margin of victory by which Justices Cherry, Douglas, Saitta prevailed over "None of These."

Speaking of our Supreme Court Justices, Justices Cherry and Saitta got 73.25% and 73.32% of the vote respectively. Interestingly, Justice Douglas got almost a full percent more at 74.26%. Any thoughts on how that happened?

In other election news, Mark Hutchison and Justin Jones were elected to the state senate by mere hundreds of votes. Colorado voted to legalize marijuana. President Obama was reelected. (Did you know that there has not been a winning Republican ticket since 1928 that didn't have the name Bush or Nixon on it?) Any other interesting results out there?


  1. California voted to stop sending defendants to prison for life based on non-violent third strikes but did not vote to repeal the death penalty (although repeal received more votes than expected).

    Cynthia Dustin-Cruz's defeat of Jansen was surprizing.

  2. Re: Justice Douglas getting an extra percentage point. Affirmative action perhaps? Or people who dislike voting for judicial candidates in general but who don't want to appear racist by not voting for the black guy?

  3. Probably because he shares the name of the guy married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.