Friday, October 12, 2012

CPK Party Tonight!

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Although I can't find anything on their website to confirm, at least one commenter believes the the annual Craig P. Kenny party is tonight.  If you haven't been before, its a good time.

Also, Shubert's back in town, but I doubt he will be attending the party.

What else is going on out there? 



  1. Craig Kenny and the people in his firm are first-rate. I have only affection and admiration for everybody in that firm.

    Congrats to Craig and his group on their continued success.

  2. The CPK party is tonight at 5. It is always on the 2nd Friday in October.

  3. just got done from a long night that started at CPK. i brought this woman back to my place that i met downtown. things were getting hot and heavy but then she saw my 2 inch irish curse, she laughed and said good bye sweety. but it was a fun night aside. good night world.

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