Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Water Water Everywhere...

Hello again.  No, the blog's not dead.  It was just busy slaving as an associate.  I know that's a lame excuse, but as the old saying goes, "Fuck me?  No, fuck you!"

artist's rendition of aggravated associate

Anyway, it was an eventful and ironic week.  Investors are trying to throw Wayne Newton out of his house to make it into a "Wayne Newton Museum."  Floyd Mayweather was released from jail for good behavior even though he had been in solitary the whole time.  And Macau police arrested over 150 people in hopes of stopping the re-emergence of the Triads trying to take over and the VIP junket services in Macau casinos.

also irony...
Oh yeah, and WE LANDED ON MARS!  'Merica.

But closer to home we have a new fight brewing.  The BLM recently approved plans to build a new water pipeline to Las Vegas from near the Nevada-Utah border.  The goal is to have a back-up water supply in case the Colorado gets significantly worse.  Since this could totally happen, it would seem like a good plan to have extra water.  However, several groups, including the Goshute tribe, do not like this plan and it looks like there will be many a lawsuit before there is any pipeline.  Which could be bad on the off chance that a severe drought occurs in the Midwest and Mountain regions of the US that threatens the Colorado River.  But that could totally never happen...

totally the Colorado River

Anyway, whose side are you on here?  And if you don't care at all and want to talk about something different, we can do that, too.  But first, you have to sound off in the comments with your awesome idea for a topic or some other breaking story in town.  So yeah, get to it.



  1. How could you miss this?


  2. Mainly because the story broke after the post was published. Don't worry, we'll do a follow-up tomorrow when there are more fun details.

  3. Anyone hear anything on this?


    Since our establishment in 1998, the Law Offices of Barry Levinson has stood beside people who need help overcoming debt. We understand that this is a difficult situation that people find themselves in. We’re here to help them out of it.

    Our attorneys are dedicated to professionalism, honesty and integrity. Every day, people turn to us because they know that we have helped many people get a fresh start on their financial future. Ethics Are the Foundation of Good Legal Services

  4. Can you imagine the Brady Motion on this? “Pursuant to Brady and it’s progeny, the defense is entitled to any potentially exculpatory materials in the possession of the State or agents of the state such as law enforcement.

    Defendant contends that the video currently in the State’s possession will demonstrate that contrary to State’s representations he was not engaged in an enjoyable and consensual sexual encounter but rather was the victim of an aggressive younger female who forced herself upon him. Defendant attempted to summon assistance from the correctional staff which did not timely arrive. Due to that delay, and a pre-existing medical condition, he was unable to resist her advances and merely waited for an opportunity to flee the confines of the room.

    Defendant hereby requests production of the video and any audio related to, or otherwise depicting, the attack he suffered in the detention center at the mou..., er, hands of his client.”

  5. I particularly enjoyed the post-BJ high five

  6. Thank you, 12:12 PM!

    This is the kind of stuff that WWL thrived on. It's juicy, it's embarrassing, it's cheap, it's tawdry. In a word, it's Vegas!

    Now some comments:

    That girl isn't so horrible that most of us wouldn't turn down some oral gratification from her if she were to offer it.

    Hey, it's a tough economy. We, as attorneys, have to get creative with our fee arrangements if we are to continue to provide justice for the community.

    BYU grad. Nice.

    Bar Counsel plans to monitor this. Harrrumph . . . .

  7. Levinson has become the joke of BK Court and the entire city. He hasn't been seen in months and the BK Hottie won't cover his hearings any more.

  8. Ms. Roundtree looks around and wonders what the big deal is, wipes her chin.

  9. 16 ortbu@4:06:

    What sort of "professionalism, honesty and integrity" can you expect from a firm that states on its website that a legal assistant (not even a paralegal) specializes in "forming corporations, handling traffic citations, and summary evictions."

    1. I defend tenants in summary evictions, and now that I've read this, I'm totally paranoid that they're probably sending this woman to court to represent landlords. (Not by posing as a lawyer, but since the courts let landlords' "agents" appear in court all the time, she could just give her own name and claim to be the agent.) I'll have to keep an eye out for the name.

  10. @ 9:42

    "That girl isn't so horrible that most of us wouldn't turn down some oral gratification from her if she were to offer it."

    Are you serious??? Dude, I don't want to see what skanks you are hanging with if you would take a BJ or anything else sexual from her. There are not strong enough beer goggles to drink her anywhere close to doable.

  11. Mason and Mason? I am surprised there is no pic and bio of Perry Mason on the website.

  12. 11:40 AM has a 250 pound wife

  13. @ 1:48

    Methinks you are referring to 9:42 AM's wife. He seems to be trolling for skanks.

  14. Heard through grapevine today. Mason and Levinson falling out as we speak.

  15. I love how there is NO attorney named Mason on the website. Las Vegas attorneys and staff only. And no office listed outside of Las Vegas and Pahrump. Mason is a ghost, I'm guessing. Maybe doesn't exist at all, kind of like Levinson's ethics and skill and all of his client's money.

  16. Any idea why the SC is taking so long in its Order Re Levinson?