Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Judge Villani Declares Mistrial for Hell's Angels

Thanks to a quick tip from a commenter, it appears this morning that Judge Villani declared a mistrial in the pending trial stemming from a Hell's Angels/Mongols brawl in 2008.

actual Hells Angels

Apparently the DA failed to turn over relevant evidence to the defense attorneys.  Obviously, this would seem like a bad thing to find out two weeks into a trial.  It also seems bad given that this was a murder trial and it is generally frowned upon to screw those up.

*not an actual Hells Angel
We don't know what evidence was not turned over, so if any of you out there know (and can tell us without getting in trouble), please fill us in.  It is worth noting that this trial only pertained to eight of the 13 Hells Angels indicted for the brawl.  The other five will face similar charges in separate trials.  Hopefully the DA will remember to turn everything over in those cases.



  1. It wasn't a murder case it was an attempted murder case. It was well litigated regarding the issue that DA was required to turn over everything. It wasn't until the middle of a key witness that the prosecutor introduced a new piece of information...impeachment. The prosecutor argued to the Judge that she was doing us a favor by bringing it out in direct examination so that we could cross them on it. Unfortunately the prosecutor did not feel it necessary to turn it over before in a timely fashion.

  2. Is this behavior typical of the DA's office?

  3. "We" implies that you are one of the Defense Attorneys. Congrats on the mistrial.

  4. Neither of those clubs can hang with SAMCRO.

  5. what was the offer rate for summer associates at vegas' major firms this summer?

  6. Blog is dead.

    Also, there were summer associates this year?

  7. "vegas' major firms"

    That just looks funny.

  8. i'm pretty sure the largest firms (snell, l&r, gt) have consistently maintained their summer program through the recession, with only a summer or two without the program.

  9. @3:43

    To answer your question: Yes.