Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Open Thread!

I know how much y'all love the Friday Open Threads, so here you go! Speak your minds!

Here's just a little something to get everyone started.

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As a commenter noted yesterday, Apple is suing Samsung in a patent infringement case in the Northern District of California.  At trial when Apple's counsel submitted a 75-page brief outlining more than 20 additional witnesses Apple planned to call in the four hours it had left before the jury, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh asked counsel for Apple if they were smoking crack.  Apple's counsel offered what seems like an appropriate response: "Your honour, I'm not smoking crack. I can promise you that."

This story had me chuckling at some of the funny things I've seen and heard in court.  For instance, the (recent) time when a certain well known litigator apparently ripped his pants on the way into the courtroom and then had to argue his motion in front of a packed gallery with his underwear hanging out.  Who else has some funny courtroom stories they want to share?      

Oh yea, and remember that one case where Mary and Phil Brown were suing the anonymous lawyer for saying mean things about them on the RJ website?

Well, we still don't know who the anonymous lawyer is despite the Commissioner Bulla's refusal to quash the Browns' subpoena to the RJ to obtain Mr./Ms. Doe's identity, but there is some recent action in the case.  

On July 20, Mr./Ms. Doe's counsel filed a motion to withdraw claiming that they weren't being paid.  That could speed things along.  Oh yea, and apparently the case is up with the Supreme Court on a Writ, but I couldn't find it using a minimal amount of diligence.  Maybe someone can help me find it?


  1. This Judge is out of control. It's one thing to be condescending to counsel (as is common with many of our state judges), but this Judge should be publicly disciplined for outrageous inability control her mouth. Makes me sick.

  2. Seriously, 293 pageviews this morning, and only one person has something interesting to add?

    Maybe I should throw up some advertisements. I bet that will get you all chirping.

  3. So, who is the lawyer who argued a motion with his underwear showing?

  4. I don't like having to type in the code to post because half the time I can't read it.

  5. I agree with 1:03. It takes forever to find one I can actually read.

  6. i don't think it's the code so much as the stupid topics. i mean, who has a funny courtroom story to share? really??

  7. Please hang in there dawg.

  8. Anybody know what Sherman Mayor is doing now? He seems to have dropped off of everything since the Endo lawsuits.

  9. @11:50
    I think that was me, in Dept 13, and I'll remain anonymous until the subpoena is received.
    But it was years ago, I'm not well known, it was an evidentiary hearing not a motion, and the gallery was not packed.
    Could this have happened twice? Awesome.