Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Got Served (slow week remix)

I know.  It's been a slow week of gossip.  No drama from family court and seemingly nobody getting reamed in the RJC, we're all a little bored.  And today's monsoon did not help anyone's mood really.  But in lieu of brand new gossip, we have two interesting stories that harken back to a couple of fun posts that sparked your interest.

I do not recommend this posture
For those of you who have been with us a while, you will remember the stories of warring local constables and the rapid fall from grace of former prosecuter/current crack convict.  Well, both of them are back in the news and we've got the latest after the jump.

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Now Pronounce You Something and Something Else...

Alright, you heathens.  It's time to stoke the fire.  I would prefer to have a nice "wtf" lawyer story, but we've already talked about Cannon and Levinson this month.  So until one of you lovely people does something new that's stupid and embarrassing at the RJC (tearing your suit pants won't cut it, that one's been taken), we'll have to talk about a few broader things.

So let's start with a fun hot-button.  We've all heard that somewhere in some religious book it says "marriage is one man and one woman."  I don't know where that passage is, but I'm sure one of you does and will tell us all in the comments.

that's what she said...

This weekend has presented us with two interesting stories that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and both should provide you feral commenters with plenty of fodder.  If you want to enter the fray, we'll get started after the jump.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Open Thread!

I know how much y'all love the Friday Open Threads, so here you go! Speak your minds!

Here's just a little something to get everyone started.

Image from: here
As a commenter noted yesterday, Apple is suing Samsung in a patent infringement case in the Northern District of California.  At trial when Apple's counsel submitted a 75-page brief outlining more than 20 additional witnesses Apple planned to call in the four hours it had left before the jury, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh asked counsel for Apple if they were smoking crack.  Apple's counsel offered what seems like an appropriate response: "Your honour, I'm not smoking crack. I can promise you that."

This story had me chuckling at some of the funny things I've seen and heard in court.  For instance, the (recent) time when a certain well known litigator apparently ripped his pants on the way into the courtroom and then had to argue his motion in front of a packed gallery with his underwear hanging out.  Who else has some funny courtroom stories they want to share?      

Oh yea, and remember that one case where Mary and Phil Brown were suing the anonymous lawyer for saying mean things about them on the RJ website?

Well, we still don't know who the anonymous lawyer is despite the Commissioner Bulla's refusal to quash the Browns' subpoena to the RJ to obtain Mr./Ms. Doe's identity, but there is some recent action in the case.  

On July 20, Mr./Ms. Doe's counsel filed a motion to withdraw claiming that they weren't being paid.  That could speed things along.  Oh yea, and apparently the case is up with the Supreme Court on a Writ, but I couldn't find it using a minimal amount of diligence.  Maybe someone can help me find it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Judge Bell Now Hearing Specialty Court Cases

Although it might not exactly be "news" to you (if your runners actually do their jobs and you have seen the latest case reassignment notice), the Sun is featuring a heartwarming story today about how Judge Linda Bell has taken over for Judge Delaney in hearing drug specialty cases ("adult felony drug court, felony DUI court, prison re-entry drug court, veterans court and mental health court — special programs that aim to help defendants overcome issues or treat illnesses to keep them out of future trouble."). 

I don't know about all of you, but Judge Bell was easily one of my top three favorite civil Judges (next to Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez and Judge Williams).  Who's in your top three and why?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Barry Levinson - the Quantum Attorney?

Is it possible for one law firm to actually be two law firms at once, like one of those crazy, Michio Kaku, quantum photon experiment?

or aliens. could always be aliens.
Perhaps so, it would appear.  A few comments have been popping up about a law firm, Mason and Mason, and the striking similarity between its website and the website for Barry Levinson and Associates.

More after the Jump.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give The People What They Want

*DISCLAIMER* This post is a little image heavy.  And a little awesome heavy as well. *DISCLAIMER*

Alright, you heathens!  You've been salivating over yesterday's news, so let's do this.  To wit...

sometimes a banana is just a banana
For those of you who read this blog but don't read the comments (what's wrong with you), it was brought to LVLB's attention yesterday that one Curtis Cannon, Esq. was involved in a little jailhouse tete-a-tete (sort of) with a client in the detention center being held on various charges.  For the record, Mr. Cannon is 58 and his client, Ms. Crystal Wallis, is 23.  We also have a photo of the couple.  This is them.

Mr. Cannon has a distaste for shirts
Enjoy the visual you have right now.  Because we are going to destroy it after the jump.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Water Water Everywhere...

Hello again.  No, the blog's not dead.  It was just busy slaving as an associate.  I know that's a lame excuse, but as the old saying goes, "Fuck me?  No, fuck you!"

artist's rendition of aggravated associate

Anyway, it was an eventful and ironic week.  Investors are trying to throw Wayne Newton out of his house to make it into a "Wayne Newton Museum."  Floyd Mayweather was released from jail for good behavior even though he had been in solitary the whole time.  And Macau police arrested over 150 people in hopes of stopping the re-emergence of the Triads trying to take over and the VIP junket services in Macau casinos.

also irony...
Oh yeah, and WE LANDED ON MARS!  'Merica.

But closer to home we have a new fight brewing.  The BLM recently approved plans to build a new water pipeline to Las Vegas from near the Nevada-Utah border.  The goal is to have a back-up water supply in case the Colorado gets significantly worse.  Since this could totally happen, it would seem like a good plan to have extra water.  However, several groups, including the Goshute tribe, do not like this plan and it looks like there will be many a lawsuit before there is any pipeline.  Which could be bad on the off chance that a severe drought occurs in the Midwest and Mountain regions of the US that threatens the Colorado River.  But that could totally never happen...

totally the Colorado River

Anyway, whose side are you on here?  And if you don't care at all and want to talk about something different, we can do that, too.  But first, you have to sound off in the comments with your awesome idea for a topic or some other breaking story in town.  So yeah, get to it.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Judge Villani Declares Mistrial for Hell's Angels

Thanks to a quick tip from a commenter, it appears this morning that Judge Villani declared a mistrial in the pending trial stemming from a Hell's Angels/Mongols brawl in 2008.

actual Hells Angels

Apparently the DA failed to turn over relevant evidence to the defense attorneys.  Obviously, this would seem like a bad thing to find out two weeks into a trial.  It also seems bad given that this was a murder trial and it is generally frowned upon to screw those up.

*not an actual Hells Angel
We don't know what evidence was not turned over, so if any of you out there know (and can tell us without getting in trouble), please fill us in.  It is worth noting that this trial only pertained to eight of the 13 Hells Angels indicted for the brawl.  The other five will face similar charges in separate trials.  Hopefully the DA will remember to turn everything over in those cases.