Monday, July 30, 2012

Zombie Bullet Train

So today's post is either the reanimation of an old project that could forever change Las Vegas...or it is an undead horror intent on devouring billions of dollars for years to come.

it's a microcosm of how Vegas is to the rest of the world

That's right, the Vegas Bullet Train, now called XpressWest, is waiting to hear word on whether it will receive a $5.5 billion loan from the federal government to build the bullet train from here to Palmdale.  The first leg will run to Victorville with trains expected to start running by 2018.

Palmdale! It has industry...and agriculture...and...zzzzzzzz

So what's your take?  Is this finally the time for the bullet train?  Or is this just another doomed attempt at something completely unrealistic.  You know, like flying cars and no hidden fees.



  1. This is a stupid waste of money. Seriously, who would take a train to Victorville, Palmdale, and finally to LAX when I can just catch a flight for $1 - $60. I can see why high speed rail has a benefit between major coastal cities for business travelers, but Victorville/Palmdale isn't an ideal location.

    My only question is how much money will the contractors make from this project? Obviously the train itself will lose a ton of money, but the $5.5 Billion has to flow somewhere.

  2. "just another doomed attempt at something completely unrealistic"

    What, exactly, is the purpose of this?

  3. Judge Bonaventure rules against the Shark Pimp, service processor extraordinaire, in what can only be described as a decision based on trademark law. Apparently likelihood of confusion for one peace officer instead of another and dilution of LV Constable' office brand is a reason for an injunction stopping someone from serving papers (which damn near anyone can do). Who knew?

  4. I believe it was Judge Israel, not Bonaventure. I cannot imagine, even in LV, that a District Judge could rule on a matter concerning his own nephew.

  5. July 30, 2012 6:57 PM - Thank you for your comments. We expect to prevail on appeal. The real issues here I can tell you are a) not service of summons and complaints but the execution of court orders, which cannot be done by private parties, and b) whether the public will have a free and competitive choice in civil enforcement services or an unresponsive, non-customer oriented monopoly system.

    July 30, 2012 9:06 PM is correct, Judge Bonaventure did not preside over the case.

  6. Investors in Chateau Nightclub at the Paris just sued Chateau Management. I guess not every club can be as successful as Pure and X.S.

  7. Frankly, having moved here from the east coast, it's ridiculous that one of the most heavily traveled routes, Vegas to LA, does NOT have train service; even Amtrak. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of commuters make the drive some weekends. The reason I don't spend more time in California is because I hate the traffic. No reason in the world to be against this project. It modernizes our transportation infrastructure, saves fuel, reduces emission and would probably have some stimulation on both economies.

  8. You are a moron. It will do none of what you say when you factor in the cost of construction. Not to mention that it is 5.5 billion which we do not have.

  9. @3:27:
    I hate to be as harsh as 7:57 but this is the wrong remedy for what you identify as a problem. There are 5.5B (likely to escalate to
    $8B) reasons to be against this boondoggle. I like going to California also, just not via Palmdale or being stranded in downtown LA without a car.

  10. It would surprise me if this actually gets done.