Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Morning Links - Hump Day...and gun runners

Good (just barely) morning.  Sorry I'm late, Wednesdays feel like purgatory anyway.  Speaking of prison, links:

  • A former Navy SEAL got almost 20 years for trying to act like Nicholas Cage from Lord of War.  The lawyer was claiming the SEAL has PTSD and that's why he was entering the field of gun-running. (via CBS News)
  • Pimps be on the lookout!  Vegas has recently cracked down with harsh sentences for prostitution when sentencing pimps.  The latest example received 3 life sentences (concurrent), with one conviction being life without parole.  (via 8 News Now)
  • Nelson Mandela turned 94 yesterday.  I know that's not really "news" since he's in Africa and we're in purgatory, but it fits with the prison theme, plus there's a great photo of Mandela and former President Clinton. (via CBS News)
at least one of these men is also a pimp


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