Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Morning Links - Lies, Damned Lies, and Sheldon Adelson

Today's links are brought to you by that pair of fake ray bans you bought on your senior trip.

  • The still unofficial Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney, brought his campaign bus to Las Vegas yesterday to court the Hispanic vote.  The former governor was not actually on the bus, as he was on his other campaign bus in Pennsylvania.  I don't understand politicians either. (via Las Vegas Review-Journal
  • The NBA summer league continues to bring match-ups like the "Miami Heat" vs. the "Los Angeles Lakers."  The quotes exist since neither Lebron James nor Kobe Bryant are playing.  Since most of the NBA other stars are also sitting out these games, it is apparently wreaking havoc with the betting lines. (via Las Vegas Review-Journal)
  • Jury selection continues for the criminal case stemming from a gang fight outside a Vegas wedding chapel between members of the Hell's Angels and the Mongols.  Apparently everyone is claiming self-defense.  On a related note, lawyers should form gangs.  Any ideas for names? (via Washington Post)
  • North Las Vegas has declared a state of fiscal emergency, which apparently does not legally mean insolvent or broke.  But it does mean legally the city can suspend union agreements. (via Fox News)
  • And finally, Sheldon Adelson is being investigated for allegedly doing bad things again.  This time the investigation centers on potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the third-coolest name for an act after (2) the Federal CAN-SPAM Act, and (1) the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act.



  1. How many times have you thought your client needed a good licking?


  2. What I want to know is did anyone ever figure out who stabbed Patrick Hicks?

  3. FCPA violations in developing a mega-casino in China is pretty low-hanging fruit for the feds donchathink?

    Is it even conceivable that the Adelson could have built, licensed and operated the complex without greasing a few government officials palms in China? The record keeping requirements of FCPA always trip up the violators even if knowledge and direction of the bribes can't be proven.