Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Links - Is It Still Monday In Macau?

It's Monday, and that generally sucks because Monday.  But, there are links to be had:

  • Did you hear the one about the Florida dad who got 6 months for contempt after he used Nevada family law to marry off his 16-year-old son and give his ex-wife the finger?  No? Well, now you have. (via ABC News)
  • What would you say if I told you I had a Vegas-based LLC with a foolproof investment plan that would earn monthly returns of 20%?  What's that, you say?  You'd call it a Ponzi scheme? (via Forbes)
  • Apparently if you do a story on casinos in Macau, you are legally obligated to include a "betting heavily" metaphor. (via Investors Business Daily)
  • Sooooooo, escaped chimps are less fun than a barrel full of monkeys...well, technically a double-barrel full, but that's the sad part. (via Reuters)
  • Henderson wants to build a giant sports complex.  Alright, we need to pick a nickname.  After seeing the artist's renderings, my vote is "the Maxipad." (via Las Vegas Sun)
So, how was your weekend?

- a_a

1 comment:

  1. That's seriously the design they're going with? Let's see..

    Penis-themed: The Dong Arena, The Twig 'n' Berries, the Double-Ball Bowl, Phallus Field.

    The Face.

    Bra Arena.

    The Contact Case.