Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Open Thread - Hackers Are In Town

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wives, Hide yo computers and smartphones.  The Hackers are in town.

All hackers really look this cool...and early 90s
While the picture above is a 100% accurate representation of what hackers look like and shows how free-spirited and independent they are, it appears they also love conventions.  And Las Vegas.  This weekend brings 10,000+ hackers into town for the DefCon Convention.

I swear this is the image on their own website

So yeah, that should be fun.  Watch out for those RFID scanners.  Anyway, what else is new?  Anything interesting happening at the RJC?  What's been going on with the City Center case?  Throw us some details in the comments.


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  1. I heard the ruling today was no extrapolation testimony or evidence allowed for MGM in the CityCenter case.