Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bar Exam - PLAY FREEBIRD!!!!

Sing it with me bar-takers!  "FOR I'M AS FREE AS A BIRD NOW!"

My big problem was the Intentional Torts question

 You've made it.  Go forth and perilously await your results.  Ask any lawyer and they will tell you that the studying and sitting for the bar exam is the most absurd and arduous thing a lawyer does until their first 20,000+ doc review assignment.

Just start thinking in 6-minute an evil Memento

But for now, don't worry about that.  For now, you have finished the marathon summer of trying to keep all those crazy mnemonic devices and completely useless "black-letter law" recitations in your head.  Take the rest of the week off.  We'll check back in a couple months to see how you all did.

BUT that's not always what happens.  Sometimes people lose it or things go crazy.  So before you go, anyone hear of anything crazy going down at the exam?  Other states had their fair share, with bizarre seizures and power outages.  The power outage sounds brutal since that meant no air conditioning in July in North Carolina.

So did anything happen here?  And what about the rest of you?  Anyone have any meltdown stories?



  1. No crazy stories, but the writers did manage to butcher a question pretty well. The agency and partnership question had the name of a party in the call of the question but nowhere in the fact pattern. The fact pattern itself was also riddled with grammatical errors. And I think they gave too much time in the Reno exam this morning. At the 4 hour mark, the proctor announced that we still had 15 minutes left.

  2. I was in the Las Vegas exam today. They gave us 15 minutes as well, expressly because they had butchered the 2nd (Agency) exam.

  3. Pro-tip for the bar takers:

    If you haven't noticed by now, the most important part of legal writing is pointing out how flawed the fact pattern is, or how your opponent misspelled a word or used incorrect grammar.

    The test wasn't butchered. It was deliberately written that way. If you didn't take the chance to point out that no agent-principal relationship existed because the principal only approved "you're actions," and not "your actions," you missed critical points.

    Or haven't you been paying attention on the internet?

  4. Always funny that law students think they know so much more than anyone they are dealing with. Use that keen ability to point out mistakes when you go to an interview and see something that is not up to your standards. Tell the partner every time you think he screws up......HA HA....#epicfail. What you are about to embark on is the REAL WORLD where you are not some crack brainiac the fam is proud of, but a jr. associate turd doing paralegal work.

  5. That's awesome..."associate turd doing paralegal work"

    Who do you think reads/posts these blogs?

  6. Don't worry, I'm not offended. Any sense of pride and self-worth has been beaten out of me as an associate.

  7. @11:37 - Yep. Commenting on how a question was screwed up so badly that they had to give extra time constitutes a belief that I'm smarter than any I come into contact with. And simply mentioning it clearly means I'll call out a potential future employer to point out how wrong he is.

    The drafters did an excellent job on every other question on the bar exam, but the A&P question was a disaster. It doesn't make me egotistical to report on that.

  8. As I recall, they "botched" the A/P exam in July 2011 as well.

    Or maybe they didn't.