Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Afternoon Delight - Pet Peeves on the Strip

If you were to ask me my least favorite thing about the Strip, I would probably be able to give you a fairly long list of awful.  One thing that near the top of the list would be the "card slappers" handing out pictures of more or less naked women apparently available straight to my room.

This guy...don't be this guy

If you're like me and you hate these people, you are in luck.  The Clark County commissioners are actively considering a bill that will put the hurt on these guys and their litter-causing, card-slapping ways.

The proposed ordinance requires street peddlers to pick up any littered cards within 50 feet of their location.  How will this be enforced?  Nobody really knows.  The ACLU hates it, but they hate everything.  Property owners love it, but that's not surprising.  I would tell you what the card slappers think but I can't get close enough to them to ask without getting smack in the face with a bunch of porn cards.

Anyway, it raises a fun question.  What do you hate most about the strip?  Sound off in the comments.  My personal vote is for the club promoters that get really pushy with those wristbands and "free passes" around 9 pm.



  1. What an incredible rate of posting! I can't even keep up. Come on people of LV, let's get commenting!

  2. The smut peddlers are the worst. Aside from annoying me personally, they piss off the tourists. The Strip is the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg for all 2 million of us. I'm for whatever is going to keep the tourists happy, and that means the smut peddlers MUST GO!

    Also, as a relatively new resident to Vegas, what's the legal history on this? As I recall from law school, sexually explicit AND commercial speech (both at play here) have far less protection under the First Amendment. I understand previous attempts to eradicate these pests have failed because of the First Amendment. WHY?!!

  3. Who could complain about free porn?

    I think 8:13 is on to something though: time, place and manner. Even downtown at the RJC the wedding peddlers are confined to that yellow, 50 square foot box on the street corner. Even the traffic ticket sign spinner has apparently had to take up residence there. There is certainly more justification to confine the card slappers on the strip to similar restrictions.

  4. The ACLU has been successful with challenges on the Strip because the properties always overreach. To prevent union actions, the casinos would take the position that the sidewalks belonged to them. Same thing with the smut peddlers.

    These are dancers, artistic value prevails.

  5. I have been in Las Vegas many years and hate the smut peddlers, golden goose or not. People who want those services can easily find them without having it up in everyone's face (Internet/yellow pages/hotel advertising). I understand that Las Vegas has adult themes, but the peddling creates a lot of garbage and prevents people who are not tourists from enjoying strip attractions. Other things I hate.... the pungent sewer stench in certain areas and people's inability to use the crosswalks who run out in traffic. The tall gates are there for everyones protection so use them.