Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Afternoon Delight - The Manchurian Prostitution Ring

I know we posted an Adelson story this week already, but this one is just too tempting to pass up.

Macau...or Atlantic City

For those of you who need a brief primer, Steven Jacobs, who ran Sands China Ltd. in Macau, was fired by Adelson because he was.  Jacobs claims he was wrongfully fired because most people who get fired claim that.  Nothing special yet.  Here's where it gets interesting.  In an affidavit filed a few weeks ago, Jacobs made a point to inform the Court that Adelson had personally approved a "prostitution strategy" to improve overall gaming revenue.  Jacobs also accused Adelson and Sands of using illegal workers in Macau and cow-towing to organized crime in Macau.  Adelson's people have swung back, filing a response that Jacobs' accusations are totally false.  As for commentary, the attorneys in this case are sticking with "the documents speak for themselves" approach

this picture also speaks for itself

The lawsuit is a nice head-to-head of heavy hitters in Las Vegas, with James Pisanelli representing Jacobs and Stephen Peek representing Sands.  Judge Gonzalez is overseeing this crazy case, so that should be fun.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, it looks like Pisanelli and Peek are keeping quiet to the press, so if anyone has some tips on how the hearings are going, we'd love to hear from you.

especially when they start entering photos into evidence



  1. lawyers like rankings and talking about how much better they are than other lawyers. we need more threads about that.

    who is Adelson's/Sand's attorney in all of this? anyone local, or did they hire some outatowner to takeourjobs

  2. Hey poster at 5:34, you fail at reading comprehension. The article specifically said that Steve Peek (with Holland & Hart) is Sheldon's/Sand's counsel. As for Pisanelli vs. Peek, yeah, if only both of them could lose, then I would be happy...

  3. Glaser Weil represents Sands China. Don Campbell used to represent Jacobs.

  4. Steve Peek is a long time Nevada lawyer who used to be with Hale, Lane, Peek, Dennison & Howard.

  5. They are both assholes. Pisanelli goes out of his way to attack opposing counsel during his argument, and Peek believs is arguing as long as possible casting opposing counsel as mean spirited. Lame.

  6. Both sides are assholes who are extremely meticulous and successful and who most of us would want on our team if involved in corporate litigation.

  7. @ 11:22

    Can't argue with that. I don't know if I would want either of them on my team considering the number of equally good if not better attorneys in the community, but I wouldn't turn down the opportunity.

  8. I would hire Steve Peek in a hearbeat. I have worked for his assholiness and still would want him on my side in any pissing contest.

  9. Not me.. he's a prick.. don't be fooled any work being done in any case of his is not done by him, but underlings. He is not only a prick, but an EXTREMELY lazy prick! A miserable man who takes his anger and frustrations out on others because he has no personal life!