Monday, July 16, 2012

Afternoon Delight - Family Law Drama Returns

Hey, remember that one time a judge and a prosecutor were "romantically involved" and people all agreed that was probably a bad thing?

artist's approximation of the former couple
Believe it or not, Judge Jones and former prosecutor Lisa Willardson are back at it again, just not the way you think.  While we were all enthralled last week with the reboot of Spiderman, apparently news surfaced that Lisa Willardson has applied for a job as a hearing master for child welfare cases, a position "just underneath" Judge Jones.

For the record, Judge Jones has explained he does not think their former relationship will be a problem in the hiring process and does not believe he needs to recuse himself from the selection panel.

Judge Jones?*

8 News Now has the whole scoop on this continuing Real World saga in family court.

- a_a

*probably not Judge Jones


  1. Who else is on the list? 45 attorneys all trying for the job either speaks volumes about the state of family law practice in general or the generous compensation package hearing a master receives.

  2. "a hearing master receives."