Thursday, July 19, 2012

Afternoon Delight - Charter Airline Pilots, Reporting for Combat Duty and Punative Damages

Back in 2010, the a jury in the US District Court awarded a bunch of airline pilots from Las Vegas-based Vision Airlines actual damages of more than $5 million for "hazard pay" they had not received since the crews had been used in 2005 as an "air bridge" to bring supplies through active war zones in Baghdad and Kabul.

and then suddenly you become a combat pilot

This makes perfect sense, since there were wars going on, and wars tend to be hazardous.  The big deal in the initial trial was that the Court shouted down any claims for punitive damages.  Sooooo, they took it to the Ninth Circuit, whose decision came down Wednesday with Judge Goodwin reversing the District Court, saying the airline crews were entitled to seek punitive damages and the District Court needed to proceed with a punitive damages phase.  So there may be another $15 million or so in damages coming down.

Come on tipsters, does anyone have an inside track on this case?  What's going on?



  1. Harmon to be ripped down

  2. $15 million is too much they should think it twice.

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