Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Mid-Day Recapitulation


Thanks for your patience while I was out.  Please feel free to continue commenting with whatever's on your mind.  In the meantime, I'll try to get things started again with a brief recap of whats been in the news for the past few weeks, in no particular order:


The State Bar has quite a few open positions posted on their website right now.  

And speaking of NALP, someone recently commented that Alverson Taylor was hiring 15 new associates (although I couldn't find anything about on the NALP website).  Shortly thereafter, someone forwarded me this link about Alverson Taylor.


Believe it or not, the Righthaven case just took another strange turn.  To summarize the interesting stuff: the court appointed receiver for Righthaven just filed papers indicating that she plans to fire Righthaven CEO and Las Vegas attorney Steve Gibson, and then have Righthaven sue Gibson for malpractice.  Ouch.


The Nevada Supreme Court apparently just ruled that a first-time conviction for drunk driving will not automatically lead to a suspension of an attorney's license to practice, or a referral to the State Bar for diciplinary action.  According to the Court, "[t]he gravity of drinking and driving cannot be minimized; however, first-offense misdemeanor driving under the influence is not the type of offense for which professional discipline is typically imposed,”

Apparently, the District Court and the Justice Court have irreconcilable differences.  As a result, they will be divorcing on August 1.  No word yet on the status of alimony payments.

Pacman Jones Verdict


The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection narrowed the field of nominees to fill the seats of former Judge Hardcastle (Dept. 4) and Judge Mosley (Dept. 14).  The final appointment decision is now in the hands of Governor Sandoval's picks are:   

The Commission’s three nominees for Judge Hardcastle’s seat are:
  • Michael Davidson, 58, Las Vegas, Kolesar & Leatham
  • Kerry Louise Earley, 60, Las Vegas, Richard Harris Law Firm
  • Troy E. Peyton, 52, Las Vegas, Troy E. Peyton, PC
The Commission’s three nominees for Judge Mosley’s seat are:
  • Michael Davidson, 58, Las Vegas, Kolesar & Leatham
  • Adriana Escobar, 53, Las Vegas, Office of the Nevada Attorney General
  • Mark L. Gentile, 52, Las Vegas, Gentile Law Group


  1. I read the Kerry Early and Adriana Escobar were chosen for the district court judge seats.

  2. Why is it that ATMS seems to be a backdoor into NV big law?

  3. I heard the same as 2:37

  4. "Why is it that ATMS seems to be a backdoor into NV big law?"

    Nevada Big Law? WTF are you talking about? The Heavy Hitter?

  5. For example, I know of ATMS alumni that have ended up at Greenberg and Ballard.

  6. 4:41,




  7. http://www.nevadajudiciary.us/index.php/supnews/1585-governor-fills-two-judicial-vacancies-on-the-eighth-judicial-district-court

  8. I'm sure it happens, but I think that a more prevelant landing spot for ATMS alums is to hang a shingle.

  9. The Supremies declining to discipline lawyers for a first-time misdemeanor DUI is not exactly news. A quick review of the unpublished orders on the NSC website shows they've been doing it for a while, at least 2 years, but that's as far back as it goes, and since my practice doesn't include representing drunk lawyers before the Bar, I don't know if it goes even further than that. On the other hand, given the number of names that I recognized, maybe I should expand into that area...

  10. Rumor has it that Jones Vargas and Fennemore Craig merged. The deal was apparently finalized Monday night.

  11. The "rumor" about JV and FC is true and is old news. It has been common knowledge for weeks.

  12. @ 10:56 - cool story, bro, but if its such old news to you, how come you haven't commented about it before now?

  13. It sucks when there are all these "blog is dead" posts but not that many people contribute.

    If you know something you should share.