Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jones Vargas' Final Hours?

As a few of you recently commented, the latest word on the street is that Fennemore Craig will be acquiring what's left of Jones Vargas, effective July 1, 2012.  Apparently, a letter confirming this just went out to all of JV's clients.  On a related note, I've also heard that a few more associates/shareholders were still looking to jump ship, and may be headed over to Holland and Hart.

Can anyone verify/fill in the details?

Thanks for the tip, tipsters!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Mid-Day Recapitulation


Thanks for your patience while I was out.  Please feel free to continue commenting with whatever's on your mind.  In the meantime, I'll try to get things started again with a brief recap of whats been in the news for the past few weeks, in no particular order:


The State Bar has quite a few open positions posted on their website right now.  

And speaking of NALP, someone recently commented that Alverson Taylor was hiring 15 new associates (although I couldn't find anything about on the NALP website).  Shortly thereafter, someone forwarded me this link about Alverson Taylor.


Believe it or not, the Righthaven case just took another strange turn.  To summarize the interesting stuff: the court appointed receiver for Righthaven just filed papers indicating that she plans to fire Righthaven CEO and Las Vegas attorney Steve Gibson, and then have Righthaven sue Gibson for malpractice.  Ouch.


The Nevada Supreme Court apparently just ruled that a first-time conviction for drunk driving will not automatically lead to a suspension of an attorney's license to practice, or a referral to the State Bar for diciplinary action.  According to the Court, "[t]he gravity of drinking and driving cannot be minimized; however, first-offense misdemeanor driving under the influence is not the type of offense for which professional discipline is typically imposed,”

Apparently, the District Court and the Justice Court have irreconcilable differences.  As a result, they will be divorcing on August 1.  No word yet on the status of alimony payments.

Pacman Jones Verdict


The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection narrowed the field of nominees to fill the seats of former Judge Hardcastle (Dept. 4) and Judge Mosley (Dept. 14).  The final appointment decision is now in the hands of Governor Sandoval's picks are:   

The Commission’s three nominees for Judge Hardcastle’s seat are:
  • Michael Davidson, 58, Las Vegas, Kolesar & Leatham
  • Kerry Louise Earley, 60, Las Vegas, Richard Harris Law Firm
  • Troy E. Peyton, 52, Las Vegas, Troy E. Peyton, PC
The Commission’s three nominees for Judge Mosley’s seat are:
  • Michael Davidson, 58, Las Vegas, Kolesar & Leatham
  • Adriana Escobar, 53, Las Vegas, Office of the Nevada Attorney General
  • Mark L. Gentile, 52, Las Vegas, Gentile Law Group

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Open Thread - Vacations!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Forgive me for not posting more this week, but I've been extremely busy catching savage rays and trying to get rid of my embarrassing tan lines.  And speaking of holidays, where's everyone else traveling to, if anywhere, this summer?  How long can you get away?  Does your boss make you feel guilty for leaving?  How often do you check your email?  Do you bring work?  Does your significant other allow you to work while you're on vacation?

What else is going on out there?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Sad News..

Its been a rough stretch for Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys.  I understand that long-time Las Vegas attorney Brian Fisher recently passed away after a brief battle with cancer.  Our thoughts are with Brian's family and friends.


Friday, June 8, 2012

LVLB's First Birthday!

Believe it or not, it was exactly one year ago this afternoon that LVLB was born.  I had little time on my hands, and even less to actually blog about, but I knew I wanted needed to maintain my connection with the Las Vegas legal community.  The individuals who used to maintain WWLB had abandoned that ship  at least six months earlier, and  Elle and the LVLL had  suddenly and unexpectedly  disappeared.  Although I mostly lurked on those two sites, I would visit them religiously several times each day just to make sure I wasn't missing anything important - who was firing, who was hiring, whether and to what extent I was being paid less and working harder than my colleagues, who was embarrassing themselves, who was making a name for themselves, etc.  For several weeks, I waited patiently for someone to grab the torch.  When it began to look like no one was going to pick up where the last two blogs left off, however, I figured I might as well attempt to fill the void myself.

One year later, not much has changed.  I still have little time on my hands, and I still don't have much to blog about (in case you haven't noticed).  I do my best, however, to cover the relevant Las Vegas legal news, rumors, gossip, etc., as it happens.  I realize the quantity and quality of LVLB is still a far cry from what you were accustomed to with WWLB and LVLL, but with help from JD and you, the loyal readers, I think we have managed to get the job done.  Thanks, everyone, for reading, commenting, providing tips, and also for the occasional words of encouragement!

Now, on to the stuff that brought you here:

Nancy Quon's death has officially been ruled a suicide by the Clark County Coroner's Office. 

For those hose of you who wanted to see who made Nevada Business Magazine's "Legal Elite" list, click here.

Finally, be glad you don't work with this guy.*

What else is going on out there?

Thanks for the tip, tipster! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sad News...

Bill accepting the Louis Wiener
Service Award from: here
I've been informed that local criminal attorney and '04 Boyd alum William ("Bill") Kapalka passed away late last night.  Our thoughts are with Bill's friends and family at this difficult time.

Friday, June 1, 2012


Image from: here
Here's a juicy bone for you all to chew on.  If you haven't been following the campaign for Nevada's State Senate District Nine (covering some of Henderson and most of the southwest valley) between Brent Jones and Mari Nakashima St. Martin, it's getting . . . well, nasty.  News stories of the smear campaign can be found here and here, and the competing hatesites can be found here and here.  There's a little something for everyone in this drama, including allegations of defrauding the mentally handicapped, ostrich breeding, partying, bikini photos, and much, much more...  And to top it all off, now there's even a lawsuit: A-12-662563.*

And speaking of lawsuits, as a commenter pointed out earlier today, it looks like we may all soon find out who the infamous, anonymous "Lawyer" commenter is in the Mary Brown defamation lawsuit, as Discovery Commissioner Bulla denied "Lawyer's" motion to quash the subpoena issued to the LVRJ. 

Oh, and although it might not qualify as "news" anymore, yesterday 14 more people, including former Las Vegas attorneys Jeanne Winkler and Brian Jones pled guilty in the well-publicised HOA scandal.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

*Thanks for the tip, tipster!