Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Post Memorial Day Round-Up!

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Good morning, my Las Vegas legal colleagues! 

I don't know how your Memorial Day was, but it had to be better than the approximately 1040 or so attorneys who found out that they used to work at one of the country's largest law firms - Dewey & LeBoeuf.  D&L filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday after nearly "all of its partners quit," and "negative economic conditions, combined with the firm’s rapid growth and partnership compensation arrangements, created a situation where the cash flow was insufficient to cover capital expenses and full compensation expectations."  Is it just me, or does this story sound familiar?

And, in case you missed the Boulevard story from last week, the LVLB comment from last week quoting the Boulevard story, and/or the recent mass emailings from PrivateTrials inviting you to a meet and greet next Wednesday, June 6th from 5pm to 7pm were intercepted by your spam filter, former Las Vegas District Court Judge Jackie Glass is back in town after CBS failed to renew her television show "Swift Justice with Jackie Glass" for a second season.

Finally, I have it on good authority that after five years, Dean White will be leaving his post with Boyd Law to become the executive vice president and provost of UNLV.*  Congrats, and good luck to Dean White, and also to Boyd as it begins its search for a new Dean.
*Thanks for the tip, tipster!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Eglet to Build New Building Downtown (i.e. Something Good Can Come from Hepatitis!)

There were so many different options for the title of this post, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to get sued for defamation, even if it is a joke. Most of my options involved some combination of Eglet being grateful for hepatitis, but then my non-existent blogger conscience got the best of me.  Plus, I'm sure our readers are much more creative that I could ever be.

But let's just say that business is good for Robert Eglet after being part of the team that won a $160 million lawsuit for plaintiffs in the hepatitis C medical malpractice lawsuit. Business is so good, in fact, that Eglet announced the construction of a shiny new 46,000 square foot building downtown on 400 South Seventh Street. The building will house four law firms and an investigation firm, and will include a mock courtroom where Goldilocks will be able to sue the Three Bears for years to come.

Anybody care to guess what this shiny new building will be called? Unfortunately it will not be called "The House that Hepatitis Built."  If you said "The Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center" you were right!

All joking aside, I say good for Eglet. It's good to see that Eglet is trying to give back to the community by investing in downtown Las Vegas and allowing the law school to use his mock courtroom. Does anybody know which firms will be moving into this building with Eglet Wall? On another note, what is everybody doing for Memorial Day weekend?


Monday, May 21, 2012

Updated: Please tell me this Job Post is Real

Update: One of our commenters pointed out that the Craigslist job ad has been "fixed." Apparently some people responded to the ad to correct the job poster's grammar/spelling, which is too bad because I found the original post charming.

The job poster seems to have a good sense of humor about it (or he's just bitter, I can't really tell), as he states at the end of the updated ad: "All the people that pointed out flaws don't get jobs."

The same goes for you people here. If you point out flaws in my posts, you will NEVER GET A JOB WRITING FOR THIS BLOG! Now get back to work.

Original Post:
This morning I checked out the job postings on Craigslist and I found possibly the greatest ad for a PI firm in town. Now I hope you all know the perils of replying to an anonymous ad on Craigslist.  That said, PLEASE APPLY TO THIS JOB AD and let us know if you get a response. I'm dying to find out which firm posted this (even though it's most likely fake).

Here is the full text of the ad for those who don't want to visit Craigslist:

Third or Fourth Year PI Attorney - $110,000+ (Las Vegas, NV)

Looking for third or fourth year attorney. Want someone that has REAL court experience, not some shithead that sat behind there desks at some highfalutin biglaw firm that cant find they're way to the courthouse or talk to clients. Will pay the greater of $110,000 per year, or 40% of the files you close. We got plenty of cases for you, they practically line up at hour dore. Dont sent resume or transcript (this is a simple instruction, dont break it). Instead, sent an 200-400 word email explaining you're experience and why your better then all the other people that are applying. Treat this like a writing sample. Also, I don't want applications from students that went to first or second tier schools. If you went to some highfalutin school, we will laugh at your sorry ass.

I work pretty hard to bring in business, but there are times when I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I just need to get off my "highfalutin" horse and stop worrying about trivial things like spelling.  Before long the clients will be lining up at "hour dore."


Friday, May 18, 2012


Two tigers are stalking through the darkest jungle in Africa, when the tiger in the rear suddenly reaches out with his tongue and licks the butt of the tiger in front. The lead tiger turns and says, "Hey, cut it out, alright." The other tiger says sorry and they continue on their way.

After about five minutes the rear tiger suddenly licks the front tiger's butt again. The front tiger turns angrily and says, "I said don't do that again!" The rear tiger says "sorry" again and they continue on thier way.

After about another five minutes, the rear tiger does it yet again. The front tiger turns and says, "What is it with you, anyway?  I said to stop." The rear tiger says, "I really am sorry but I just ate a lawyer and I'm trying to get the taste out of my mouth."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Open Thread That No One Cares About. Ugh.

According to some of the haters out there this blog has turned into nothing but a "stupid friday open thread that no one cares about. ugh." So here's another Friday Open Thread, you guys! All smugness aside, as most of you know this blog is run by two lawyers who don't get paid by the post. The only payment we get is your love, unless you count the 38 cent donation that Law Dawg will be receiving sometime in the future. Honestly, we do our best around here, but we're busy and our jobs take priority (most of the time) over the blog.

That said, this morning I received my ABA Journal e-mail of the week, and this was the number one answer to a question that I didn't read (I'm guessing it has something to do with why we should love being lawyers):

Posted by Becca: "I have on a shelf in my office a shoebox in which I keep all those things that remind me, on the bad days, why my job really doesn't suck. It contains thank-you letters from clients, copies of particularly satisfying judgments, newspaper clippings in which my name is actually spelled correctly and I wasn't misquoted, pictures of children whose adoptions I handled, and notes from colleagues I admire. The best item in it: a heartfelt letter from clients (a married couple), whose case was lost at the summary judgment stage, thanking me for all my hard work on their case and for believing them even when it felt like no one else did."

Interesting. The only things I keep in a shoebox on my shelf are my old toe-nail trimmings and a sculpture I made out of rubber bands and paper clips. Maybe that's why I'm so depressed at work. So here's a question to get you started for the day: What is it that you love about being a lawyer? Do you need to remind yourself that your job isn't that bad? If you've changed careers to become a lawyer, is it better than your previous career? Have at it.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wendsday Wrandomness!

Does anyone have the scoop on what's going on (if anything) with Jones Vargas and Henness & Haight

It looks like former Jones Vargas partners/shareholders Kevin Stolworthy and Michael Alonso recently left for Armstrong Teasdale and Lewis and Roca, respectively. 

I'm also informed that Hessess & Haight recently lost (or is in the process of losing) at least six of its attorneys.*

On a related note, I've heard that Jones Vargas and Henness & Haight might be hiring.

Also, congrats to those of you who passed the February Bar Exam, and better luck next time to those of you who came up a bit short.

Thanks for the tip, tipster.

 *I won't name the attorneys, in case they haven't actually made their exits official yet.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Poken Thread!

TGIF, everyone, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ok, it looks like there's a lot to talk about today.  I'll just throw some topics out there for everyone to run with.

Nevada State Bar members with addresses located in District 1 (aka Clark County) may select from the following nine candidates to fill the four open seats for the district. Ballots were distributed to Clark County members via e-mail. The following candidates are seeking a two-year term:
Each of the candidates' statements can be found here.

2.  Shark Pimp

I have no idea what was with the criptic comment left at 5:58 PMDelete yesterday, and my google searches on the subject turned up nothing.  Perhaps someone can enlighten us?

3.  Awesomest Lawyers Ever!*




4.  More HOA fraud allegations in the news..

5.  Reid still hasn't given up on Cadish..

One, two, three, discuss!