Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Late Afternoon Randomness!

In reading the comments from last Friday's post about student loans and income, I got to wondering,  how far is the average Las Vegas attorney in debt and how much money do they make?  Feel free to comment here, or respond to the poll to the right..

Also, I think the commenter @4:50 yesterday raised an interesting argument with regard to this month's Communiqué.  Does anyone else have an issue with the "Fairytale" story on page 22?

And last but not least, it looks like the firm formerly known as Santoro, Driggs, Walch, Kearney, Holley, Woloson & Thompson teamed up with the law firm of John H. Cotton & Associates to form Cotton, Driggs, Walch, Kearney, Holley, Woloson & Thompson.  Meanwhile, it looks like Nick Santoro and the attorneys who left with him will be called Santoro Whitmire. 



  1. I saw a blog post claiming this paytrack for Snell/Greenberg/L&R in Phoenix:

    1: 115k
    2: 120k
    3: 125k
    4: 130k
    5: 135k
    6: 140k
    7: 150k
    8: 160k

    Anyone know if this is close to their Vegas paytrack?

  2. I've been out 16 years. My loans were $71k. I finished paying them off during my 10th year out of school. Last three years, my gross pay with distributions, not including 401k match, has averaged $158k.

    To those who have graduated in the last five years, it sucks that law schools so drastically raised tuition and expenses. But every era has had its hardships and the majority of the newer lawyers will overcome their high debt load and the weak current job market. There will always be some "crisis"; in my era, jobs were hard to find and debt loads were a big complaint. Smart people figured out how to thrive rather than complain. Don't listen to the people who are complaining; you have a JD and you are in Vegas. Go figure out how to make some money. Don't give up hope; instead, do well and give hope to others.

  3. I love that when I visit Santoro Whitmire's new website Google Chrome tells me that it's in Portuguese and asks if I want a translation.

    As for the polls, I sincerely hope that those with debt loads of $150k+ are the same as those with annual incomes of $120k+. Something tells me that's probably not the case.

  4. Graduated in 2010 from public school with ~70k in federal debt, ~30k in private loans. Currently making 70k.


  5. Santoro Whitmire lists that its offices are at 10001 Park Run. Why does that address sound familiar? Oh I know why! Its the address of a firm which has shown its tenacity in taking in mergers. Stepping stone to merger?

  6. Sorry to be dense, but who has MAC merged with recently? I am not aware of any other than the normal laterals that every firm of that size gets. Maybe Santoro et al didn't want to merge formally with MAC (for good reason in my humble opinion), and instead just wanted the administrative side of the practice taken care of by MAC people so they could continue to practice law instead of deal with all that b.s. administrative junk in starting up an office? Maybe MAC just had extra, cheap office space they wanted to put to good use?!

  7. At the beginning of the year, the bankruptcy firm Larson & Larson joined MAC.

  8. I'm more offended by the writing of the communique article than the substance.

  9. Law school loans started at $115,000 and have them down to about $75,000 now and making $150k base with very generous bonsuses. I do hit about between 1850-2000 billables a year consistently.

  10. Why did Santoro and Whitmire leave Santoro Driggs?