Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Evening Tidbits

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 A tipster* sent me this story over the weekend, and I thought it was . . . . interesting. 

According to a lawsuit recently filed by Las Vegas-based criminal defense attorney Gabriel Grasso, Florida-based celebrity attorney Yale Galanter received $500,000 for defending O.J. Simpson in his Las Vegas criminal case a few years ago, but concealed that payment in order to avoid paying Grasso his cut of the fees.  According to the lawsuit, despite their agreement whereby Galater would provide Grasso with 1/3 of the total fees paid by O.J., Grasso claims that Galanter pocketed the $500,000 and provided Grasso with just $15,000 to cover a ''small portion'' of Grasso's expenses.

In response, Galanter apparently filed his own lawsuit in Florida, suing Grasso, Josh Tomsheck - Grasso's attorney the above-mentioned case, and another Las Vegas attorney Malcom LaVergne - who assisted O.J. with his unsuccessful appeal.  The basis for Galanter's lawsuit is this allegedly slanderous AP article/interview wherein the three Las Vegas attorneys discuss Grasso's lawsuit. 

*Thanks for the tip!

In other news, the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection received a total of 16 applications for appointment to fill two vacancies at the Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas, which resulted from the retirements of District Judges Donald Mosley and Kathy Hardcastle.

Applicants for both vacancies are:
  • Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, 53, Carson City, State of Nevada, Commission on Ethics
  • Michael Davidson, 58, Las Vegas, Kolesar & Leatham
  • Craig B. Friedberg, 54, Las Vegas, Law Offices of Craig B. Friedberg
  • Bruce Gale, 57, Las Vegas, attorney in private practice
  • Mark L. Gentile, 52, Las Vegas, Gentile Law Group
  • David Huston, 68, Las Vegas, Law Office of David W. Huston
  • Russell Marsh, 50, Las Vegas, United States Attorney’s Office
  • Robert Spretnak, 51, Las Vegas, Law Offices of Robert P. Spretnak
  • John G. Watkins, 65, Las Vegas, Law Office of John G. Watkins
  • John H. Wright, 44, Las Vegas, Wright & Weiner, LTD
Applicants for the Department 4 (Hardcastle) vacancy only are:
  • Soonhee A.B. Bailey, 42, Las Vegas, Olson, Cannon, Gormley & Desruisseaux
  • Kerry Louise Earley, 60, Las Vegas, Richard Harris Law Firm
  • Marsha Kimble-Simms, 51, North Las Vegas, Simms Law Firm
  • Michael C. Mills, 55, North Las Vegas, Mills & Associates
  • Troy E. Peyton, 52, Las Vegas, Troy E. Peyton, PC
The applicant for the Department 14 (Mosley) vacancy only is:
  • Adriana Escobar, 53, Las Vegas, Office of the Nevada Attorney General
Next come the background investigations and interviews, which are tentatively scheduled for June 6-7, 2012, at the Supreme Court’s Las Vegas courtroom at the RJC.  The appointed judges must then run in the 2012 election and win to retain the seat.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on these candidates?


  1. Mark Gentile would be a great trial court judge. The problem is that he isn't sleazy enough to get re-elected.

  2. Mark Gentile would be a TERRIBLE Judge and frankly the fact that his blatant personal peccadilloes and lack of any judicial temperament are not apparent to you is frightening.

  3. I second the endorsement of Gentile - it's about time we had some judges with civil trial experience and balls!

  4. Is Mark related to Dominic? Dominic is THE BOSS.

  5. Levinson- a judge is there to guide us when we don't know what we are doing....am I wrong or is that why people hire attorneys

  6. Does anyone know why there is only one person who expressed interest in Mosley's spot?

  7. For Mosley's spot, Secretary of State Ross Miller has ruled a candidate must get a nominating petition with 4800 (give or take) signatures on it. His best friend Chris Lee was first out of the chute to collect these. Lee isn't even bothering with the appointment process

  8. I think Mark would be a fine judge. I've litigated against him many times on PI cases and he's a gentleman and a sharp litigator.

  9. Mark is a retarded ass.