Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Phil and Mary Brown Sue Anonymous "Lawyer"

This story has already taken hold in the comments of last week's Open Thread, but I thought I'd give you a dedicated forum to discuss it here. According to the RJ, an anonymous commenter is being sued by former Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Brown and her husband, defense attorney and former prosecutor Phil Brown, for defamation. The anonymous commenter goes by the pseudonym "Lawyer" and has been posting on several RJ articles that Mary Brown "had sexual relations in order to get promoted."

"Lawyer" has hired former justice of the peace Tony Abbatangelo, who is hoping to quash a subpoena served on the Review-Journal for information about the commenter, including the person's e-mail address.

Although the article does not speculate as to who the anonymous commenter is (because that would be stupid), it does state that the accusation appeared five times on four stories about the Judge Jones-Lisa Willardson relationship. One of our eagle-eyed commenters also points out:
"the Motion to Quash states that it could be a man or woman but then states 'She has commented on judges that she thinks have wronged her.' Oops."

Abbatangelo's Motion to Quash claims that disclosure of his client's identity would effectively ruin his/her career. He also raises First Amendment concerns for protecting anonymous speech. What do you think, is Abbatangelo's client in trouble? Should the Court quash the subpoena? If not, should the true identity of "Lawyer" be revealed like they do at the end of every Scooby-Doo episode? Because that would make this even more interesting.



  1. The best part of the article:

    Meanwhile, the lawsuit said, the motion to quash suggests that the anonymous commenter is "admittedly a very unpopular member of the legal community."

  2. Who is on the new list of cooperating witnesses in the federal construction defect investigation?

    Any judges or lawyers?

  3. Well, I guess we know it's not Nancy Quon. Maybe Halverson? I hope this gets juicy and truth is asserted as a defense. Nothing like bringing a defamation suit to have all your dirty laundry hung out in public.

  4. The RJ identified Mark Kulla and Keith Gregory this morning on the construction defect suit.

    As for the defamation suit..... There are comments about you made by an anonymous person in the blog section of the newspaper where they might be read by the same 100 gadflies who comment on all stories but you think its a good idea to file a lawsuit and re-broadcast to all of your friends that you might have engaged in shenanigans to get your job? Brilliant!

  5. I love how "lawyer" is supposedly unpopular already. I doubt this will hurt Lawyer's standing--nobody cares about this, Phil and Mary!

  6. Yes, a very brilliant move by Phil and Mary. Your lawsuit only shines more light on the issue and even shows up on Above the Law. Gotta love publicity.