Sunday, March 25, 2012

Las Vegas Attorney Recovering From Multiple Stab Wounds Received During A Home Invasion Robbery

As a commenter recently noted, Patrick Hicks, a shareholdler with Littler Mendelson, is recovering tonight (thankfully), from the multiple stab wounds he received when four males wearing hoods and masks, broke into his home (in a gated community with guards patrolling), at about 8:00 p.m. Friday night. 

Police said the suspects stole cash and jewelry from the home, and the robbery does not appear to be random.  The investigation is ongoing.

Local news coverage on this story can be found: here, here and here.

We hope the police make some arrests in this case quickly, and Patrick makes a full and speedy recovery.


  1. Isn't this the same attorney who was featured in the Sheldon Adelson depo video that was posted here several months ago? Adelson's defense attorney, right? Sad story, but interesting connection.


    David Amesbury being reported dead from suicide.

  3. There is a whole Pelican brief thing going on with this case. I guess there could be a ton of other stuff he knew was set to fall too, either that or David's plea deal was not all that great. Probabtion or a few years in club fed have got to be better than being dead.

    Still and all that makes three likely suicides with plenty more high level possibles outstanding. Who wants to venture an over under on room temerature defendants before this is over? I'm thinking 6

  4. I am not condoning anything that Nancy or David may have done illegally, but these federal cases that go on and on, living on mostly rumors, for YEARS are inappropriate. If you have the goods, indict 'em, and if not, move on.

  5. Hicks wasn't involved in construction defect cases; was he?