Monday, March 26, 2012

David Amesbury - Dead at 57

Las Vegas attorney David Amesbury, who last October pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, and who agreed to cooperate with authorities in their HOA fraud and corruption scandal, and who was then been found badly beaten on the side of the road in Henderson just a few weeks later, has been found dead from an apparent suicide in Northern California.

This story really is becoming stranger than fiction.  A few of the related LVLB posts can be found: here, here, here and here.


  1. (Yes, for sharp observers, this is a re-post from the comments below but it is now topic specific.)

    There is a whole Pelican brief thing going on with this case. I guess there could be a ton of other stuff he knew was set to fall too, either that or David's plea deal was not all that great. Probabtion or a few years in club fed have got to be better than being dead.

    Still and all that makes three likely suicides (note: a comment at the LVRJ story suggests there was a fourth suicide associated with this case)with plenty more high level possibles outstanding. Who wants to venture an over under on room temerature defendants before this is over? I'm thinking 6

  2. I"m glad I'm not a witness.

  3. In all honesty, I really think this was a hit ordered by someone who had a lot to lose -- e.g., gov't pension -- if these guys talked.

    It just strikes me as odd that witnesses who either did, or were about to enter a plea deal would kill themselves

    It is not surprising that "no foul play was suspected" because of the number of men in blue recruited to be on the HOA boards.

    For what it's worth, this is the first time I have gone the conspiracy route for ANYTHING (other than Paul is dead :) )

  4. Brilliant, 3:52. The cop angle is very interesting. Cops are mostly immune to violence and experienced in telling lies. And given the number of cops involved in this investigation . . .

  5. I have never robbed anyone, but I find it hard to believe that David Amesbury by coincidence was targeted by robbers, who beat his face to a pulp, broke both kneecaps & a couple of ribs, took his shirt and left him with his pants down around his ankles - just doesn't add up especially considering the fact that Mr. Amesbury had just cut his deal with Federal Prosecutors to testify in the case! Killing him at the time would have been too suspicious, but clearly any seasoned investigator might come to the reasonable conclusion that this was not a random act of violence. In my opinion, David was given a clear message from someone or someones that were not happy with the fact that he was going to testify - I don't think this takes a rocket scientist to figure it out. Amesbury's family & attorney don't think that this was a suicide, and I have to be honest I have to agree with them. At this rate, there won't be any witnesses left to have a trial. I think that the investigators themselves should be investigated because I think it is clearly evident that this is a good old fashioned Las Vegas conspiracy, a conspiracy to keep the truth from ever seeing the light of day! Here we have a perfect example of: "what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas." The city & state were CORRUPTION never rules.

  6. David was my lawyer 12 years ago and he treated me well; he was a human being too and im sure he regretted what he has done. i am saddened by his untimely passing, i could not believe the story since he was beaten and then dead. i wish i can reach out to his family or previous employees 12 years deepest
    condolences to his family and friends

  7. I worked for David Amesbury many years ago.
    He was one of the nicest and generous guys you will ever meet!! I am deeply saddened by the events and do believe that he would NOT take his own life!! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  8. I worked for David Amesbury, and none of you even know him. He made a horrible mistake, but I can tell you from 3 years of working for him, he is the nicest, big hearted boss, you will ever meet. He made a huge mistake, and I can bet money on it, he got involved with this by being LT. Kims friend, you have no idea how much I saw Ben Kim do that I thought was being a crooked cop, and how David many times would try to avoid him, but Ben would never leave him alone. David would buy his staff breakfast every day, buy flowers, take you out to lunches every week, and birthday parties, infact he has one of the biggest hearts I have ever met, and has been himself used by countless people cause of his big heart. He even helped out a paralegal homeless brother, by giving him a job and place to stay. People make bad, greedy choices, but that doesnt mean they are bad people. It pains me to see a man who was so good to people, story ends like this. ALL THIS MAN DID WAS HELP PEOPLE, AND EVERYONE TURNED THEIR BACK ON HIM.

  9. I know all of the attorneys involved in this case. I feel terrible about David and Nancy both. I could have easily been drawn in too, if I had known about it.

    My office was next to David Amesbury's for a time. I agree that David was a great guy who was always nice and sincere. He made a mistake, but he did not deserve to die or be scorned by others.

    This is a great black eye for the the Las Vegas legal community.

  10. I worked with David for many years and was a personal friend of him and his wife. David was the kindest, most good-hearted man I have ever met. He brought fresh flowers into the office every day. The man loved flowers. His whole problem was that he trusted people. He believed in them, and in the end that trust got him into trouble. I do not believe that he killed himself. I think it was a hit job, plaint and simple, to keep him from testifying against the real culprits. It's been four years since he died and I still can't let him go. I think about and miss him all the time.