Monday, February 27, 2012

Former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert Receives Nine Month Jail Sentence

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Judge Ellsworth slapped former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert with a nine month jail sentence stemming from his arrest last March for buying $40 in crack cocaine.  As most of you will recall, Schubert was a top prosecutor who handled the Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars cocaine-related cases not long before his own arrest.

I would imagine doing nine months in the pokey would suck for the average joe; however, for Schubert, I would bet it will be even less fun..

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Open Thread!

Hey everyone! TGIF!

Well, it's no longer really "news," but as some of the commenters pointed out earlier this week, 41 civil lawsuits stemming from the 07-08 Hep-C fiasco were just settled.  Yes, that settlement would include the $522.4 MILLION judgment handed out in just one of those cases.  I'd be interested to know the total dollar amount of that settlement..

On a completely unrelated note, are all the February Bar takers ready for next week?  Good luck!

Other than that, I've been scouring the interwebs for some good stuff to post, but I've come up empty handed.  Help me out here - who's got some good gossip or news to share? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elissa Cadish Nominated for Federal Court Judge Position

Congratulations, and good luck to Nevada District Court Judge Elissa Cadish!  She was just nominated by President Barack Obama to fill the seat of U.S. District Court Judge Philip Pro, who recently took senior status. 

More about Judge Cadish: here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is it just me, or...

Meanwhile... Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  What's everyone doing to celebrate?  Did you send your favorite judge/opposing attorney a valentine?

And, have you heard about Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer?  Apparently, he has a vacation house on the Caribbean island of Nevis.  Thats pretty cool, except for the fact that he and his family were robbed in their vacation home last week by an intruder armed with a machete.  That's most definately not cool.  Luckily, no one was phisically hurt in the robbery.

What else is going on out there?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Friday Open Thread: Judge Mosley to Retire March 2

So the news came out yesterday that District Judge Donald Mosley will be retiring March 2nd. Good for him, right? The only problem with that proposition is the timing. As the RJ points out, Judge Mosley's retirement comes just 10 days before Dr. Dipak ("Needles") Desai's criminal trial. For those of you who have been in Cambodia (or maybe just Pahrump) for the past few years, Dr. Desai ran the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada where patients didn't ask for Hepatitis, but left with it anyway.

Dr. Desai's criminal trial has been proceeding before Judge Mosley for approximately 18 months now. Judge Mosley's departure will almost certainly delay the trial, which is scheduled to start March 12. Although the timing of Mosley's retirement seems quite convenient, he is turning 65 on February 28th, and we all know that judges are forced to retire within a week after turning 65, right?

I imagine Chief District Judge Jennifer Togliatti is wringing her hands right now trying to decide who should be the lucky judge (or should I say law clerk? We all know the clerk is the one who will get screwed here) to handle this case. Apparently this case was the result of one of the biggest investigations ever conducted by Metro, which is why there are more than 1 million pages of documents produced so far. After handling this case, the judge who takes over may be forced into early retirement as well! Good Luck!

What do you think is this just an unfortunate coincidence, or was there some strategic timing involved in Judge Mosley's decision? Who do you think will replace him? Any rumors out there of other judges retiring soon? Let it all out in the comments. Think of this blog as a nest in a tree of trust and understanding.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's not a good week for Henderson

Just a bit of legal news that I wanted to put out there for some discussion:

The Henderson City Council to Adam Greene, who was ripped out of his car and beaten by several Henderson city police officers who thought he was resisting arrest. The only problem? He was actually having a diabetic seizure. OOPS! The video doesn't make things any better for the police officers after they realize he was a diabetic one of the officers is heard laughing. Greene was given $158,000 in the settlement and his wife was given $99,000. Does that seem like an appropriate settlement for this case? What do you think?

Here's the video of the incident:

What amazes me about the story is that only one of the officers was disciplined and he is still with the department.

In other sad news, ex-Henderson city councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion may have attempted to commit suicide on Friday. Vermillion has been in the news lately after her former boyfriend, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, accused her of trying to extort $3.9 million from him. She had filed a lawsuit against Sisolak for defamation and invading her privacy after her drug tests were released showing she had tested positive for meth. It doesn't appear that this situation is going to end well.

That's all I've got for today. Let me know if there's any other topics you'd like to discuss other than which schools should be sued for releasing too many prospective lawyers into a horrible legal market.

- JD

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Open Thread: Sue Your Law School Edition!

Image from: Andrew F. Scott
I'm sorry that I'm late getting this Friday Open Thread up this week. I know you guys like to start your day off early with some good legal discussion, but I had a hearing to attend. Anyway, enough with my excuses.

I saw this article yesterday on Above the Law about law grads who decide to sue their schools because they can't get any legal jobs! Surprise! Who knew the legal market was so bad? One of our readers suggested that we do a post on this topic (although that reader suggested this article at MSNBC), probably so we can determine which of our law schools we can sue, right?

This whole fiasco started back when two former students decided to sue Cooley Law and New York Law Schools. Now there are somewhere between 14 and 17 schools being targeted for class action suits over allegedly deceptive employment data. Above the Law's numbers are a bit fuzzy as to how many schools are being targeted now. The title of the article says "Twelve More" law schools are slapped class action law suits, but then it states that "15 additional" schools are targeted on top of the original two, although plaintiffs have only been secured for 11 of the 15 targeted. Then they say again that twelve law suits are being filed, which will bring the total number to 15. I'm not sure how twelve plus the original two equals fifteen, but I didn't go to law school because I'm good at math! It's Friday and my brain hurts trying to sort this whole mess out so I'm not even going to try. All you need to know is that these guys mean business and they plan to file suits against "20-25 law schools every few months" so there's a chance these suits could hit closer to home.

Looking at the list of schools targeted so far, it appears that Cal Western (San Diego), and Southwestern Law School (L.A.) are the only schools with any geographic proximity to Las Vegas. The William S. Boyd School of Law is not on the list. I have (unfortunately) been employed since I graduated law school, so I won't be a member of this class action, but I do think that more transparency is needed in law school reporting of employment data. I'm of the opinion that schools should be required to report the type of work that 93% of their graduates are obtaining. I need to know my chances of getting that pizza delivery job after I graduate, dammit!

What do you think, should these law schools be held accountable if it's true they've been reporting deceptive employment data? Does Boyd have anything to be worried about? Is your law school being targeted? Are YOU going to sue your law school?