Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gossip Round-up

We asked for some gossip and you guys delivered! Although none of this is as salacious as I would like, it's still very interesting, and NONE OF IT IS CONFIRMED! That's why gossip is so great!

So here's a summary of what's going on in Las Vegas:

  • Apparently there will be no more Santoro at the beginning of Santoro Driggs Walch, etc. Word has it that Santoro has already left the firm with two people or will be leaving the firm with 5 people sometime this week. So no less than three but exceeding six? I mean, six is still more than three, right? (sorry, I had to throw in an Arrested Development reference in honor of it's eventual return)
  • The PI powerhouse formerly known as Mainor Eglet and Cottle has gone through a transformation into... Eglet Wall!
  • There is still some question as to what happened between The Defenders now that Cristalli has moved to Gordon Silver. Was it fame that broke them up? Artistic differences?
  • Can anyone confirm whether there will be some high-level resignations at the DA's office now that Wolfson has been selected as the new District Attorney? Will Wolfson be doing some house cleaning of his own?
  • Mary Brown has resigned. The most important question here is, who is Mary Brown?
I'm sure you guys can do better than that! Is all of this true? Can anybody clarify any of this gossip? Let us know in the comments. And as always, e-mail us if you have anything especially good!


  1. What we really want to know...what happened to wildwildlaw...isn't that REALLY what we want to know. Give use the real reason not the political trumped up reason. Because some of the readers actually know why.

  2. Simple. Joe W. Law had enough.

  3. the Eglet Wall thing is confirmed. Look at their website. Also, it's nice to be able to here by typing wildwildlaw.com--way easier than lasvegaslawblog.blo....OW! I just got a cramp typing that address.

  4. Mary Brown is the Chief Deputy District Attorney in charge of Child Welfare, a program that came under criticism during the recent DA interviews. Mary is staying to help the new DA transition some things but is leaving to be a stay at home mom to her twins.

  5. The new DA said during his interview by the County Commissioners that "some will stay and some will leave" but all of the division chiefs have been told that they can stay for the immediate future. Immediate may mean just a few weeks, from what I hear.

  6. I had no involvement with Wild Wild Law, so I can't say what happened there. I can say that trying to run a blog and be a lawyer can get tiring at times, so maybe the WWL writers just got burned out. I would like to know, though. If anybody has some insight into what really went down, let me know.

    The funny thing about the wildwildlaw.com domain redirecting to this blog is that I didn't have anything to do with it, nor did Law Dawg. So whoever was kind enough to redirect that domain to our blog, we thank you!

  7. Kearney left the firm soon-to-be-formerly-know-as Santoro Driggs Walch Kearney Holley & Thompson several months ago. Looks like they were waiting for Santoro to leave before coming up with a more difficult firm name to remember.

  8. Answer me this...why are so many firms afraid to include their firm name when they post jobs? I mean, I understand doing that in a few circumstances where you might be replacing someone, but why not just post the name. Save everyone the hassle by letting us know up front if there are going to be conlficts.

  9. @4:20 (fitting for many of my clients)I always though it was a false flag concept to see how many of the firm's own associates (the ones being replaced) were dumb enough to query a job at an unknown firm. BTW 0-2 years litigation experience is almost always code for "insurance defense firm."

  10. Why post with the firm's name when there are so many attorneys/law students who are so willing to divulge their salary requirements (their most valuable bargaining position) to anyone who claims to have a job? Whether there is actually a job there or not, posting gives you free market research on which employed attorneys are looking to move and what unemployed attorneys are willing to work for. When you can get all that without divulging any information about your own firm, what's the benefit to revealing who you are? So people who are willing to throw resumes at you can do conflict checks?

    Maybe I'm just cynical after having sent my own resume to unnamed firm after unnamed firm and never, ever, receiving any acknowledgement.

  11. February 1, 2012 9:42 PM has largely identified the issue. There's just no profit in doing so for most firms. Likewise the same for most candidates, which is why responding to a blind is a BAD idea (there is no guarantee your boss won't hear it over lunch at the Triple G or happy hour at Morton's). That's why I double blind my search and placement activity.

  12. Shark pimp! What's the job market looking like right now? Any better than the last few years?

  13. Nick and a crew of 5 have already rented space at another firm in summerlin. Don't know what the remnants are going to call themselves, or more importantly what they are going to do.....It appears that the ability has left and the Egos remain

  14. Who went with Santoro? He is a very good lawyer and a nice guy.

  15. February 1, 2012 10:22 PM: The job market is marginally better among commercial firms and amongst that segment we've clearly hit bottom and business is definitely rising, although in most cases, its still a fact of life - size (of portfolio) matters. In the past I haven't been able to speak with any great authority regarding high volume or consumer firms, but as Constable I'm starting to get to know several of them through my Las Vegas Bureau. Those with heavy litigation seem to be stable if not hiring in any great numbers; I'm certainly picking up a lot of service orders from them.

  16. How about a thread on this:


  17. @2:20 p.m. You beat me to the punch on that story. I was going to do a post on that today, but I'll probably put it up as a Friday Open Thread topic tomorrow.

  18. 4:20 - one reason some employers of any kind, not just law firms, will post without providing the employer's name is so they are not inundated with inquiries by unqualified people. There are stalker-candidates out there. Another reason for some is that if the firm name was disclosed, no one would apply!

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