Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clark County District Attorney Candidates Face the Clark County Commission

The District Attorney selection process is becoming pretty grueling, as the three candidates, Steve Wolfson, John Hunt, and Drew Christensen faced 4 1/2 hours of questioning by the County Commission (I hope they were billing by the hour!). I haven't been following this race too closely, but wasn't there originally seven candidates? What happened to Lowry, Ferguson, Langford and Chairez? Apparently they didn't get a rose at the last ceremony. Does anybody have any favorites to win this fight? Or any interesting information on any of the three remaining candidates? Let it all out in the comments.

In other legal news, the RJ is reporting that Findlay Automotive just settled a case brought against it by two former employees who claimed that they were harassed because they are black and were fired for complaining about it. The settlement is reportedly in the amount of $150,000. Nothing seems too surprising about the case, but what baffles me is that Findlay didn't insist on a confidentiality clause in the settlement agreement. If you were Findlay, wouldn't you want to do anything possible to keep this out of the news?

- JD
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  1. The Findlays are some of the nicest and most charitable people we have in our community. Their support of athletics, education, and community-based charities throught the area has benefitted many - including many African Americans. It strains logic to think that the Findlays had anything to do with something racially insensitive or discriminatory. In all likelihood, they paid this nuisance money to avoid the expense and hassle of litigation. The claimants are likely a couple of whining leaches.

  2. The online comments following the Findlay article are telling.

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  4. @2:09 - that is never off-topic.

  5. Sad story: