Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And the New District Attorney is.... Steve Wolfson

As I said in my previous post regarding the search for a replacement District Attorney, I haven't been following this race too closely. But this morning it appears that the race has come to an end, with Steve Wolfson edging out fellow candidate John Hunt ("edging" probably isn't the right term, as Wolfson beat Hunt by a 6-1 margin) for the position.

The article also mentions that Hunt's supporters ARE PISSED! (in much nicer terms). They claim that the Clark County commissioners already had their mind made up and that the process was really just a "dog and pony show." Has anyone actually seen a real dog and pony show? Do the dogs get to ride the ponies? Cause I'd find that much more entertaining than this race ever was. Anyway, congrats to Steve Wolfson on his nomination. Hopefully he'll be able to capitalize on prosecutions of high-profile celebrities busted for carrying marijuana that "isn't theirs."

What do you think about the results? Are you on team Steve, or team John?



  1. Actually on team Drew. Funny how the madia made no real mention of how the arguably most well rounded and qualified candidate, and only Republican, garnered no votes at all from our all democrat County leadership. That said, I do not know Mr. Hunt but, based upon the vetting process, his ONLY redeeming attribute for the job (other than a law degree) was his position as a Democrat operative and party big wig.

    Still and all I’m sure Steve will do great things for the office and, hopefully, make some changes to improve things over there which may improve things for the defense bar as well.

  2. Why would Wolfson want this job? It can't be the money. He was making a lot more doing criminal defense than he'll make as the DA.

  3. It's all about power and prestige. And maybe it will get him a sweet gig in the future representing a union.

  4. Lots of folks in the DA's office are pretty pleased with the selection. Some are more nervous than pleased.

  5. Do you think there's a chance he'll do some housecleaning?

  6. I hear lots of attorneys are contcting him, asking for jobs. Didn't want to work for Roger.