Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My First Post and We Already Have Some Family Court Drama!


First off, I'd like to thank Law Dawg, Esq. for the great introduction yesterday. Like most of the readers of this site, I used to read Wild Wild Law frequently and also read Elle Woods' short-lived blog until its unfortunate demise. I'm excited to start contributing to this blog because I believe that the Las Vegas legal community deserves a place to get updates on what's going on as well as a forum to discuss those events. I know how hard it is to maintain a blog like this and to update it frequently, so instead of whining about the blog, I thought I'd offer to contribute and Law Dawg was kind enough to accept my help. Just remember that I have a real job just like the rest of you, so I can't make any guarantees as to how often I'll be able to post, but hopefully having two writers on the blog will keep the content updated more frequently.
That being said, I will pay any tipster $3.27 for the "clandestine" photo referenced in this RJ article about Family Court Judge Steve Jones and his alleged "cozy" relationship with former prosecutor Lisa Willardson (I tried to find her on Facebook, but apparently she doesn't waste her time there). This situation has set up a battle between Judge Jones and District Attorney David Roger after Judge Jones barred two prosecutors, Michelle Edwards and Janne Hanrahan, from appearing in his Court, citing "inappropriate and unprofessional behavior" for providing the photo to their supervisor. David Roger is now calling Jones a "bully." Those sound like fighting words to me!

What do you think, is there more to this story than is being reported? If the report is correct, will there be any repercussions for Judge Jones?

(Image courtesy of Judge Jones' Facebook page)


  1. there are never repercussions for Judge Jones - his robe is apparently made of Teflon

    seriously, how is he still on the bench?

  2. @10:33 - I'm not as familiar with Judge Jones' history as you seem to be. Has he had issues in the past?

  3. I'll match your $3.27. And if there are any salacious pictures, we can collect donations.

  4. From the article: "The rift over the relationship between Jones and Willardson is the latest in a series of public controversies surrounding the judge, who was first elected to the Family Court bench in 1992. He was acquitted in 2006 of domestic battery stemming from a dispute with a former girlfriend and has faced scrutiny over his ties to felons and receipt of questionable campaign contributions."

    Also, wasn't he the judge who was closely tied to now-disbarred felon Jeanne Winkler?

  5. It's good to be a Reid. 190k for the Henderson City Atty's office.