Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is Righthaven Dead Yet?

I don't know how many of you care about Righthaven anymore, but it appears that the firm that is notorious for bullying bloggers for alleged copyright violations is now on life support, if not just dead.

On Monday the Randazza Law Group, which represented one of Righthaven's targets, sought to have a US Marshal drag Righthaven officers into Court to explain their failure to comply with a previous court order.

Apparently back in August a judge ordered Righthaven to pay $34,000 in attorney's fees for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Unfortunately Righthaven only had about $1,000 in its bank account (suddenly I don't feel so poor!), so the Court ordered Righthaven to transfer its copyrights to be auctioned off. It appears that the driving force behind Righthaven, attorney Stephen Gibson, has given up on pursuing his dream of extorting thousands from poor bloggers around the country.

Meanwhile, anybody want to go in on some copyrights with me? They've gotta be worth something, right?

(Source: Ars Technica: Law & Disorder)


  1. Gibson has been awfully quiet for quite a while now. A dramatic counter to how he was all over the media when righthaven began its ill-fated campaign.



  2. Well and what must that law firm who affiliated with him be thinking after they realize that they just alienated themselves from the entire legal market. Welcome to Las Vegas and congrats on the purchase of your brand new D-bag.

  3. Chris Rasmussen appears to be going after Waldo Lydecker for his posts against him on Waldo's blog and and the RJ comments. See the comments on LVRJ.com under the latest article about the Dave Roger/Steve Jones spat.

  4. Waldo's blog is now no longer available. Very interesting.

  5. And on the bright side, only 365 days until my End of the World Party

  6. http://www.vegasinc.com/news/2011/dec/22/dismantling-righthaven-appears-under-way-loss-webs/?__utma=201616023.296018262.1312838486.1324509306.1324579694.153&__utmb=201616023.1.10.1324579694&__utmc=201616023&__utmx=-&__utmz=201616023.1320080838.109.103.utmcsr=yahoo.com|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/&__utmv=-&__utmk=204829203